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Finalist | Evercam (Ireland) – the eyes of the Internet of Things

We spoke to Marco Herbst, CEO at Evercam, for our short Q&A series that will introduce all of our CODE_n15 finalists over the next couple of weeks. Evercam is a developer platform for cameras that makes it easy to integrate IP cameras with any other software application or IoT platform for visual inspection and verification of events. It uses security cameras for non-security functions by applying the open principles of IoT to the world of closed-circuit television.

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Where did your idea for the company come from?

Marco Herbst (Evercam): The first Evercam application was a time-lapse movie of the Prinzessinnengarten park in Berlin and then one of the conversion of the old Bechstein piano factory when it became KreativHaus Berlin. Both videos are on YouTube now and have documented progress for over a year. This is when we realized how poor existing software was for IP cameras and the need for easier ways to get them to do tasks beyond security.

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?


Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Lukas Olbrich (sablono)

Into the Internet of Things – CODE_n15 will feature startups who are into it and the startup sablono already is. At a CeBIT press conference end of July in Munich we talked to Lukas Olbrich, co-founder of sablono and CODE_n14 finalist, about his experience participating in the CODE_n startup contest and his view on this year’s topic The Internet of Things.

Enabling 5D Construction – this is how’s sablono is entering The Internet of Things. Sablono Onsite is the first mobile solution for easy progress tracking on the construction site. For the first time, users can control the development of a project by recording the progress of all individual activities that are being executed on site. But this is just the beginning as Lukas tells in the interview. In the near future they will use more and more data from web connecetd tools on the construction site itself ….

Here’s our interview with Lukas

Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Stefanie Sedlak (tado)

Tado is a Munich based startup. They are developing – together with their community – a solution for smart energy management via intelligent climate control. In practical terms this means a device with which you can control very smart, app based and user friendly your central heating unit but also the air conditioning system.

Here’s what they’re saying about themselves…

We at tado° have been working to optimize energy consumption of buildings and adjusting it to the actual demand of the residents since autumn 2010. We question the old, developing a new hard- and software generation for heating control to replace it. Our outstanding team goes down entirely new paths with our technology.

Tado was a finalist at CODE_n14 startup contest. At the CeBIT press conference end of July in Munich we talked with Stefanie Sedlak, marketing manager of tado, about their kickstarter campaign, their experience participating in CODE_n in 2014 and about women in the startup scene in general.

Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Andrea Wlcek

At the CeBIT press conference end of july in Munich we talked with Andrea Wlcek, marketing director of CODE_n initiator GFT Technologies AG, about the next edition of CODE_n, which will take place at CeBIT in March 2015. CODE_n15 will again feature a startup contest starting in September 2014 but furthermore will be an innovation platform for startups with a lot of activities in the following months.

Andrea Wlcek: “The whole idea of CODE_n is to drive the innovation. Especially here in Germany we are very slow in bringing the innovation into the markets. The idea is to bring the smartest brains to a special topic together. In this year it will be the Internet of things.”

Andrea Wlcek

Video: Interview with CODE_n Designer Clemens Weisshaar

At the CeBIT press conference end of july in Munich, we talked with Clemens Weisshaar, Co-founder of the Munich based agency Kram/Weisshaar. Clemens was responsible for the stunning concept of CODE_n at the CeBIT 2014, covering the topic Big Data, for which we got a lot of positive feedback.

Clemens is currently working on the design of the CODE_n15 presentation in hall 16 at the CeBIT next year. At the press conference he showed first sketches of his ideas. In the video he talks with us about his concept for presenting next year’s CODE_n topic “Into the Internet of Things” and his personal approach to this topic.

Janina Benz

CODE_n13: Startup Contest @ CeBIT 2013 (Case Film)

Europe’s leading startup event CODE_n presented the 50 hottest startups from all over the globe. More than 250 startups from 35 countries applied to be part of the CODE_n Community live at CeBIT 2013. This video shows the highlights of five days full of entrepreneurial spirit and our 50 finalists which exhibited at CeBIT in hall 16!

Janina Benz

Stefan: “My highlight was when the German-Russian investor gave us a bottle of vodka and a pound of caviar :)”Stefan: „Mein Highlight war als der deutsch-russische Investor uns eine Vodkaflasche und ein halbes Kilo Kaviar schenkte :)”

Janina Benz: Today we are welcoming CODE_n finalists Stefan and Christian from synchronite  for an interview.  Co-browsing seemed to be a real hot topic at CeBIT. I had to keep coming back to you for my video interview because you were so busy talking about it with interested visitors. Did you guys anticipate so much excitement when you applied for CODE_n?

Christian & Stefan from synchronite @CODE_n

Stefan: It’s true! We were bowled over by visitor interest those first three days, with barely a break to catch our breath. The first time most people hear the term “co-browsing” they probably aren’t sure what it means. But once our visitors saw how quickly and easily they could surf the Internet together – simultaneously – they were fascinated and wanted to learn more. When we applied for CODE_n, we couldn’t have dreamed of the overwhelming feedback we’d receive. After all, throngs of visitors often just drift through big exhibition halls without a specific idea of what they’re looking for. We’d like to extend our praise and a big “thanks” to your team here. The CODE_n concept proved to be a huge success!

JB: What would you say best describes the five days you spent at CeBIT?Janina Benz: Heute begrüßen wir  Stefan und Christian von synchronite im CODE_n Interview. Herzlich willkommen Ihr zwei. Das Thema Co-Browsing schien ja ein echter Renner auf der CeBIT zu sein. Um mein Videointerview mit euch umzusetzen musste ich einige Male wiederkommen, da ihr fast ununterbrochen in Gespräche verwickelt gewesen seid. Habt ihr mit diesem Rummel gerechnet als ihr euch bei CODE_n beworben habt?

Christian und Stefan von synchronite @CODE_n

Stefan: Das stimmt! Die ersten drei Tage wurden wir von Besuchern quasi überrannt und hatten zwischen den vielen Gesprächen kaum Atempausen. Wer zum ersten Mal das Wort „Co-Browsing“ hört, kann damit meist nicht viel anfangen. Wenn die Besucher dann aber an unserem Stand gesehen haben, wie sie ganz einfach gemeinsam zur gleichen Zeit im Internet surfen können, waren sie sofort fasziniert und wollten mehr erfahren. Als wir uns für CODE_n beworben haben, hätten wir uns das überwältigende Feedback nicht vorstellen können. Normalerweise verlaufen sich die Besucherströme in den großen Hallen. Hier ein großes Lob und Danke an euch, denn das Konzept von CODE_n ist voll aufgegangen!

JB: Welches Statement fällt euch spontan ein um die fünf Tage auf der CeBIT am besten zu beschreiben? More…

Andrea Wlcek

That’s what future screens will look likeSo sehen die Bildschirme der Zukunft aus

TAT, a part of Research In Motion, has been thinking about the design and functions of screens in the future. Their ideas are certainly interesting and impressive. Watch the video and see for yourself:

TAT, ein Teil der Research In Motion Ltd., hat sich Gedanken gemacht, wie sich das Design und die Funktionen von Bildschirmen in Zukunft ändern könnte. Dabei hatten sie einige sehr interessante und beeindruckende Ideen. Überzeuge dich selbst: