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CODE_n Alumni | In pursuit of a sustainable world with EcoChain

Today we catch up with a really exciting technology startup which has been a member of the CODE_n community since 2013: EcoChain from lovely Amsterdam! EcoChain embarked on its journey with CODE_n as a finalist of the global startup CODE_n CONTEST. Its motto was “smart solutions for global challenges” and in keeping with this idea, EcoChain pitched a business model with every intention of changing the world. Its idea revolved around a new and innovative life cycle analysis method that would enable companies to maintain a sustainable supply chain.


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Finalist | Evercam (Ireland) – the eyes of the Internet of Things

We spoke to Marco Herbst, CEO at Evercam, for our short Q&A series that will introduce all of our CODE_n15 finalists over the next couple of weeks. Evercam is a developer platform for cameras that makes it easy to integrate IP cameras with any other software application or IoT platform for visual inspection and verification of events. It uses security cameras for non-security functions by applying the open principles of IoT to the world of closed-circuit television.

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Where did your idea for the company come from?

Marco Herbst (Evercam): The first Evercam application was a time-lapse movie of the Prinzessinnengarten park in Berlin and then one of the conversion of the old Bechstein piano factory when it became KreativHaus Berlin. Both videos are on YouTube now and have documented progress for over a year. This is when we realized how poor existing software was for IP cameras and the need for easier ways to get them to do tasks beyond security.

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?


Janina Benz

Audio Interview with Boudewijn Mos from EcoChain

I often wonder how sustainable products really are, so I was looking forward to interviewing EcoChain, an application in which environmental administration is coupled throughout the supply chain, forming real-time and continuous life cycle analysis calculations.



Boudewijn Mos is co-founder; he explained the concept of EcoChain and how the idea came up in the first place.

Janina Benz

Meet the CODE_n13 finalists for: Carbon Footprint & Sustainability

Carbon footprint became a buzzword of the 21st century. It acts as an indicator for sustainability. The innovations of our finalists in this field help to have a better eye on the carbon footprint and therefore offer an opportunity to reduce it. Have a look at Carbon Control, EcoChain, ecotastic, Get-neutral, Opara, Sustainable Reference and TheGreenAge*.

Carbon Control - Darragh Kirby

Carbon Control – Darragh Kirby

EcoChain - Boudewijn & Jochem Mos

EcoChain – Boudewijn & Jochem Mos




ecotastic - Anna Yukiko Bickenbach

ecotastic – Anna Yukiko BickenbachGet-neutral - Holger Rupp

Get-neutral – Holger Rupp

Opara - Gustavo Monteiro

Opara – Gustavo Monteiro


Sustainable Reference - Andy Bäcker

Sustainable Reference – Andy Bäcker

*As soon as we receive the questionnaire of TheGreenAge it will be found here as well.