Lena Gaede

How to put together a successful innovation team: the 5 key personality types you need

Ever seen a good movie with a cast composed of a variation of one and the same character actors? No? Course you haven’t. To create a perfect interplay between all the personalities, you need a well-harmonized ensemble with characters who balance each other out. Creating the perfect movie cast is somehow like forming a successful innovation team. What are the key personality types you need in order to making your movie – uh, business team – work out? CODE_n puts itself into the role of a director and presents 5 key personalities you need for a groundbreaking innovation team.


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

The 4 craziest digital startup ideas – that became incredibly successful!

You may have heard the saying “so crazy it just might work.” Truth is: for many startup ideas, this is absolutely the case. If you feel you have a groundbreaking idea but are misunderstood and underestimated by investors – or if you are an investor trying to evaluate an unusual startup idea, we got something for you! We all know the high-flyer success stories of Facebook, Google or Uber. But there are more! Get inspired by the 4 craziest digital startup ideas that became surprisingly successful!