Iris Bröse

Guest feature bitkom | Get Started Founders’ Breakfast with Winfried Kretschmann

The startup ecosystem in Baden-Wuerttemberg is certainly alive and kicking, and it has expanded continuously in recent years. We’re organizing a startup breakfast on October 27, 2017 in Stuttgart to take a closer look behind the scenes of startup policymaking and politics in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (BaWü). Our guests at the Get Started Founders’ Breakfast will be Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann, Caroline Dabels (founder of AmbiGate), and Sebastian Wagner (founder of Geospin).


Lena Gaede

Maintaining a network for Pros: Top 5 business networking tips to get the most out of your contacts

It’s no secret that a good business network helps you achieve your growth targets faster. Entrepreneurs right through to corporation managers, the right contacts can provide you with innovation, orders, rare skills, background knowledge and much more.

Hence, rule number one: Invest time to build your network carefully. However, just as important is rule number two: Maintain and cultivate your network. Once you’ve invested time and money in building your network, you want to optimize it to your advantage. But how do you master the art of networking? We have five networking tips for you to build and maintain the perfect business network.


Lisa Flieg

“It’s all about Darwinism and survival”: fintech feature part 2 with Blockchain HELIX, Kantox, and fino digital

In part 1 we promised you that we still have more expert opinions in the pipeline, ready to discuss the future of banking and finance and what it holds for us! In the prelude, Nordic hotshot meniga suggested that banks face a real risk of losing their position of power as players like snapchat or WeChat enter in disguise – along with giants like Amazon and thousands of emerging fintechs. However according to meniga, a CODE_n alumnus, making digital banking a drastically better environment as well as gathering speed in providing a top-notch user experience could be a lifeline that allows banks to keep pace with the emerging competitors. What do other players think? Three additional visionary fintechs predict where the digital disruption of the banking and finance sector will lead. But be prepared – they don’t offer easy answers!

CODE_n in a conversation with the CEOs of Alumni Blockchain HELIX, Kantox, and fino digital.


Laurent Kinet

Guest feature | Alumnus Swan Insights: our bird is soaring with Bisnode Group

Since its participation in the CODE_n CONTEST in 2013, Swan Insights quickly matured from a fledgling into a majestic bird, and is now part of the Bisnode Group.

Swan Insights’ mission was to use data science to turn information into insights. By capturing the value contained in publicly available information, the platform contextualized data to provide business users with real-time insights that truly matter. Marketing, sales, and human resources executives can use the technology to improve their performance on a daily basis. From the massive amounts of unstructured text deluging the internet each second, the technology separates the wheat from the chaff by applying NLP and disambiguation techniques, coupled with extreme matching of individuals and organizations. One of the first startups to dive into this subject – which has since gone mainstream – Swan Insights also investigated business value by applying network science, especially social network analysis. Fun fact: Swan stands for Social Web Analysis.


Lena Gaede

Promising tech startup hubs worldwide: Belgium – a buzzing hub of entrepreneurship! Strengths and weaknesses of Belgium

Center of political power and great waffles: those are pretty much the first things that come to mind, when thinking of Belgium. Could be worse, right? But there’s more to Belgium than just that! In fact, Belgium ranks fifth in Europe for its number of fintech deals. Entrepreneurs benefit from the country’s contrasts and mixture of languages and cultures.

As Frederik de Witte, co-Founder of CODE_n Alumnus FleetMaster (formerly ivips), said,

“Belgium is a great country to build business critical software. The complexity of the country (tri-lingual, multiple government and legislations, …) and customer base (people expect state-of-the-art software that is tailored to their needs) results in the development of highly scalable, highly flexible solutions. As a result, we easily meet the requirements of multinational rental and lease companies that adopt FleetMaster today. This is quite unique and a direct result of our geographical origin.”

So, let’s have a deeper look at Belgium’s diversity. What exactly is it about the European capital that attracts young visionary minds? Let’s check out Belgium’s strengths, weaknesses and special powers as a promising tech startup hub!


Lena Gaede

Partnering up – let’s change perspective! 5 keys to success for corporations when collaborating with startups

The larger a business grows, the harder it becomes to champion innovation. Deep-rooted routines and long decision-making processes can keep a business from realizing its full potential. But there is hope! Thriving startups are driven by entrepreneurial energy, excitement, creativity and a killer desire to change things for the better. So, why not partnering up with a startup to ensure a fresh breeze?

But how do you guarantee success?

Corporations, listen up: here are our 5 tips for the collaboration with startups.


Lena Gaede

Sweden rocks the startup scene! These are the strengths and weaknesses of Stockholm, Europe’s tech startup capital

What are the first things that come into your mind when thinking of ‘Sweden’? Ikea, ABBA, Vikings or meatballs perhaps… How about some of the world’s most successful global tech startups?

Spotify, Klarna and Mojang: once small ambitious startups, now billion dollar companies that started life in Stockholm, Sweden. But how does Sweden, a country of only 9.8m people, roughly a sixth the size of the UK and in fact only half the population of greater London, become the pinnacle of European innovation?

Below we review what Sweden has on offer from a startup’s perspective and especially shed light on its capital Stockholm, strengths and weaknesses.


Annabel Daferner

Guest feature | The second screen phenomenon – hidden treasure waiting to be discovered?

The world is in a state of rapid change. We have new technologies, devices that keep getting smaller and smarter, and digitalization with its seemingly boundless reach – all making inroads into everyday lives, which as people are noticing are also in a state of transformation. New mobility and workplace models are also changing our routines. And these changes are also impacting on the way millions of people watch television. While video on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Video grow in popularity and gain more and more market share – thanks in part to their premium original programming – Google subsidiary YouTube has also shown its potential as a television substitute, especially for the younger generation. So who’s still watching TV?