Mathias Jäger

Guest feature | Startups@Reeperbahn pitch – we are waiting for your applications!

On September 20th, Hamburg will be THE place to be for startups and entrepreneurs. On this day, the Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch will take place. This international competition brings the best European startups together and is organized by the independent platform Hamburg Startups for the fifth time in Hamburg. How can you apply? What can I expect? It’s all coming up now.


Lisa Flieg

CODE_n Alumni | In pursuit of a sustainable world with EcoChain

Today we catch up with a really exciting technology startup which has been a member of the CODE_n community since 2013: EcoChain from lovely Amsterdam! EcoChain embarked on its journey with CODE_n as a finalist of the global startup CODE_n CONTEST. Its motto was “smart solutions for global challenges” and in keeping with this idea, EcoChain pitched a business model with every intention of changing the world. Its idea revolved around a new and innovative life cycle analysis method that would enable companies to maintain a sustainable supply chain.


Lisa Flieg

CODE_n Alumni | Industry 4.0 startup Evercam takes global construction business to a new level!

Today we catch up with CODE_n Alumnus and Industry 4.0 (smart factories/connected manufacturing) startup Evercam. The founders Marco and Vinnie embarked on their business idea in 2010 by filming construction projects in Berlin. Much has happened since then. They’ve relocated to the capital of Ireland and now work in partnership with Lensmen, a leading player in the Irish photography and videography market. The startup is gaining success providing a monitoring software platform for the worldwide construction industry.


Katja Vogt

Guest feature | Prizes worth more than €5 million – and other important reasons why you really should take part in a startup contest

At the beginning of every new year, the German startup website Für-Grü takes a close look at all of the startup competitions being organized in Germany. When they first embarked on their annual endeavor, there were 124 such contests. Now that number has risen to over 163. A good 20,000 applications came flooding into the competition mailboxes in 2016. Of those, 756 startups received an award from an expert panel of judges. So it looks like startup competitions are groovy-groovy at the moment. Small wonder really: startups are fully aware of the benefits of taking part in a competition – above and beyond the obvious prize money.

Is it all just about the money? 


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Don’t miss out! 5 reasons why you need to come to the CODE_n new.New Festival on Sep 20-22

In times of digital transformation, it is more important than ever for companies to keep up with trends and stay proactive. Don’t you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball to see what’s going to be the next big thing for your industry? Visiting our new.New Festival can almost feel like having that power: the festival is all about innovation and will uncover current and future developments of digital transformation. Here are 5 reasons you won’t want to miss the event!  



Nadine Korany

Want to stand out with your startup in HealthTech? Apply for the CODE_n CONTEST!

Your startup in the field of HealthTech is making a true difference for our everyday life! When digitalization merges into the health sector, we witness life-changing discoveries. Every advance in this sector is a victory – from improved diagnostics, to innovative prosthetics or profitable data management. Medical technologies revolutionize step by step the treatment and prevention of diseases. Therefore, health is one of the most important fields where technology needs to be applied: In 2015 medical technology was again the field where the most patent applications (12 474) were filed and with a growth of 11% it was also one of the fastest growing sectors.

startup-health-tech-best-startups-medical-technology-code-n-contest-apply-business-ideas-networking-digitalization More…

Domenique Becker

We present CODE_n15 Top 50 Finalists from 17 countries

Mission accomplished: Out of 400 startups from all over the world, 50 are now finalists of this years CODE_n CONTEST “Into the Internet of Things”. From March 16-20, those handpicked young entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative Digital Life, Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0 solutions as part of our CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT.

Selected by looking at criteria such as degree of innovation, quality of business case, quality of presentation or technological innovation, all 50 finalists have five days to connect with one another and to showcase their idea and business models to visitors, potential partners, investors and customers.

“In some cases you actually find yourself saying ‘I should have thought of that myself’. But in every single case, the dedication, technical expertise and vision displayed by our finalists to implement their ideas is truly impressive.”

says Ulrich Dietz, CEO of the GFT Group and Initiator of CODE_n

Curtain up for the 50 CODE_n15 finalists from 17 countries:

Digital Life


aisoy quadrat


aisoy builds a revolutionary emotional robotic mentor for kids. Friendly, helpful, intelligent and connected, aisoy enhances creativity through discovery combined with a new class of personal robotic platform for an innovative educational concept.

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ambiotex quadrat


ambiotex produces a smart sensor shirt for health conscious individuals, who have the desire to analyze their vital data and to improve their performance. The shirt combines fitness monitoring technology with state of the art textiles to obtain an innovative high-tech shirt which measures data such as heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, training performance and stress levels.

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Connected Health builds a secure connection between doctors and patients.
Our product LifeTime allows patients to transfer health data be it medical history or data acquired by wearable tech devices in the doctor’s office locally & securely from and to their smartphones.

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cozify quadrat

Cozify Oy

Cozify is an easy and intelligent service to simplify the use of smart devices at home. The goal is to bring home automation to everyone. Cozify hub easily automates smart devices across different manufacturer specific silos.

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Lena Gaede

CODE_n15: The Next Level Is Starting Now!

Two pieces of very good news:

  • The application phase for CODE_n15 kicks off today.
  • Today marks the launch of CODE_n CONNECT, the digital innovation platform for startups and companies.

CODE_n15: Into The Internet of Things
In March 2015, it begins all over again: 50 selected startups from all over the world will be showcasing their ideas and business models to the audience at CeBIT. The venue this year is Hall 16 at the world’s largest IT fair, which offers a spectacular interpretation of this year’s key theme based on the plans by Munich design agency Kram/Weisshaar.
The theme of CODE_n15 is reported to be “Into The Internet of Things” – divided up into the sectors DIGITAL LIFE, SMART CITY, FUTURE MOBILITY and INDUSTRY 4.0.

We want you!
Over the next few weeks, it will be decided which startups will be showcasing their products and services on their own exhibition space in the CODE_n Hall and competing for the Euro 30,000 prize. The application phase starts today!

Here are the conditions:
The CODE_n Contest is open to startups which:

  • Offer a product or service for the Internet of Things
  • Were founded after 2009

The application must be submitted online, here.

What happens next?
We’ve depicted the timeline for the CODE_n Contest in an information graphic.

Timeline CODE_n15 CONTEST

I’m a startup. What do I get out of it?
The 50 finalists in the CODE_n Contest can look forward to an exciting week brim full of professional meetings and possibly crucial stimulus for the long-term future. Here are the details:

  • You own free, furnished exhibition area in the CODE_n Hall at CeBIT (March 16th – 20th 2015, Hanover)
  • Presentation in the context of the conference program
  • All of the benefits of being a CeBIT exhibitor (CODE_n press coverage, guest tickets, online profile etc.)
  • Network with industry decision makers, investors, government officials, and other leading minds in the field of data from all over the world
  • Opportunity to win the CODE_n Award which has a prize fund of Euro 30,000. The CODE_n judges, who are renowned experts and figures from the industry, will decide the winner.

CODE_n CONNECT: Get connected!
We’re also raising CODE_n to the next level. CODE_n is much more than a contest for startups.
CODE_n is a global innovation platform.
CODE_n is a global network.
CODE_n CONNECT will be turning this claim into reality. At CODE_n CONNECT, startups and established companies can meet.
Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group explains the concept:

“Startups bring dynamism, courage and new stimulus to the relationship of innovation. The established companies bring expertise, financial backing and professional structures designed to scale business ideas. All of this remains dry theory, however, if they do not learn from each other. And this is precisely where CODE_n CONNECT comes in. It’s CODE_n thought through to the logical next stage.”

And now over to you …
Register for CODE_n CONNECT here.