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degree° – the new high-tech wearable. CODE_n Alumnus cosinuss° launches next-generation fever thermometer

Founded in 2011 by Johannes and Greta Kreuzer, the Munich HealthTech startup cosinuss° has grown into a successful company. After pitching the idea at the CODE_n startup CONTEST at CeBIT in 2014, the enterprise has become well established following the development of cosinuss° One. This unique fitness tracker for professional athletes features a convenient and highly accurate heart-rate monitor and also measures the user’s body temperature.

Now the time has come for the startup to break new ground with the latest stellar product in its portfolio: degree°. Launching a Kickstarter campaign in March 2017, Greta and Johannes are turning their vision into reality – to help parents whose children are in danger of suffering a febrile seizure. Learn more about the new high-tech device, the story behind it and the Kickstarter campaign in this blog post, which also features an interview with the founding team.


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Video: Interview with Stefanie Sedlak (tado)

Tado is a Munich based startup. They are developing – together with their community – a solution for smart energy management via intelligent climate control. In practical terms this means a device with which you can control very smart, app based and user friendly your central heating unit but also the air conditioning system.

Here’s what they’re saying about themselves…

We at tado° have been working to optimize energy consumption of buildings and adjusting it to the actual demand of the residents since autumn 2010. We question the old, developing a new hard- and software generation for heating control to replace it. Our outstanding team goes down entirely new paths with our technology.

Tado was a finalist at CODE_n14 startup contest. At the CeBIT press conference end of July in Munich we talked with Stefanie Sedlak, marketing manager of tado, about their kickstarter campaign, their experience participating in CODE_n in 2014 and about women in the startup scene in general.

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Munich, July 31: Presentation of plans for CODE_n 2015

The excitement is in the air: Thursday, July 31, 2014 will see the official start to CODE_n 2015. At a press conference to be held in cooperation with our partner, CeBIT, we will unveil our motto for the next round of our global innovation contest and our plans for the exhibition at CeBIT in March 2015.

mikrofonThe only thing we can divulge before the big presentation: Next year, the CODE_n contest at CeBIT will be even more exciting, even more spectacular and more involving than ever before.

Our plans for CODE_n15 will be presented on Thursday by Andrea Wlcek, Director of Group Marketing & CODE_n at the GFT Group, which was the initiator of the CODE_n.

The CODE_n innovation contest is held each year under a new theme – topics that we believe will shape digital society and business in the years to come. In 2014, we looked at the issue of big data. The theme for next year’s CODE_n15 contest will be revealed at the press conference.

As in past years, the 2015 contest will center around the global competition for founders and young companies working in the field of the selected theme. 50 of these startups will be given the chance to present themselves on an international stage with a booth in the CODE_n hall at CeBIT 2015 (March 16-20, 2015 at the trade show grounds in Hanover). The opportunities that open up to startups by participating in CODE_n will be revealed at the press conference by five young entrepreneurs who previously participated in the contest. Under the banner “When startups grow up,” they will talk about their own experience before, during and after the contest. Representatives from, GreenClouds, Sablono, Tado and Viewsy will be in attendance. More…

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Meet CODE_n finalist Streetspotr

Streetspotr is a smartphone app that builds mobile workforce. The German startup from Nuremberg created a fast, easy, and cost efficient way for businesses to collect data and insights from anywhere, at any time and on any scale using mobile crowdsourcing.

Dorothea Utzt is co-founder and CMO of Streetspotr

Dorothea Utzt is co-founder and CMO of Streetspotr

The startup has already more than 220 thousand “Streetspotrs”, people that use the app to earn money doing seriously small tasks using their smartphone. Clients like Red Bull, Microsoft and Sony also employ this mobile workforce. In today’s interview with Dorothea Utzt, co-founder and CMO of Streetspotr, we talk about the trajectory of their company and their expectations of presenting themselves at CODE_n and CeBIT.

What was the inspiration for creating Streetspotr?

Actually, there has been more than one inspiration. Firstly, we came from the App development business and have known each other for years, working together on many projects at different companies (e.g. miCal- the missing calendar). We always wanted to do something “bigger” than the next customer project or simply the next App. As techies, it is no wonder that all of us founders have owned their first iPhone in 2007 when it came out. We played around with them all the time and spend hours and hours checking our emails or Facebook. That was the time when we first thought “How nice would it be if one could do something really meaningful in waiting times with a phone that´s so smart?” When BMW approached us in 2011 asking if we could map parking garages (opening hours, floors etc.) all over the country for them, the idea of Streetspotr was finally born.

Streetspotr connects Big Data and crowdsourcing. How does the app work?

Our premise is collecting data and insights for businesses via a smartphone workforce. Due to the size and scope of our workforce (230.000+ people), we enable them to collect exactly the data they need. That´s our way of “scanning” the mass of data that can be found everywhere, even on the streets and in shops (addresses, opening hours, menus, product placements). You can say that we take a step further than other Big Data companies: Instead of analyzing a mass of data that has no structure and is hard to define, we make it possible to skip that step and simply collect the right data for our customers instantly – anytime, anywhere and on any scale.


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Audio Interview with CODE_n finalist Christian Deilmann (Tado GmbH)

On our third day at CeBIT, we got the chance to speak to Christian Deilmann, founder of Tado. He developed the first smartphone-based heating control that adjusts to the user’s daily routine automatically .

In the interview, Christian explains how he came up with the idea of Tado and the difference between Tado and other smartphone-based heating solutions.

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Matthias Lamberti: “There are very few things I would actually have done differently, apart from maybe publicly releasing the letter I sent to my bank at the time to cancel my contractual relationship. ;-)”

Matthias Lamberti is founder and manager of yavalu, a financial platform for effective asset management. The yavalu team also participated in the CODE_n contest and was selected by the jury as a top 10 finalist. We met Matthias for a face-to-face interview at the CODE_n headquarters in Stuttgart.

JB: Leaving a position as asset manager in a large corporation to start your own business was a big step to take. What inspired you to establish yavalu?

Matthias Lamberti (CEO yavalu)

ML: You’re right, it certainly was a big step – and absolutely the right decision. The financial industry is set to change dramatically in the next few years. With yavalu, we want to play an active part in shaping this change and in finally giving customers control over their finances and investments again. I worked for many years in risk and asset management myself, and in the end, I was incredibly disillusioned and disappointed in the poor quality of service provided and the prevailing practices in the industry. The longer I worked in the field, the more I became convinced that it was possible to consult people properly on financial matters; to help them understand the issues and charge fair prices, all with the aim of giving them control over their finances and investments. This was my motivation.