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We present CODE_n15 Top 50 Finalists from 17 countries

Mission accomplished: Out of 400 startups from all over the world, 50 are now finalists of this years CODE_n CONTEST “Into the Internet of Things”. From March 16-20, those handpicked young entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative Digital Life, Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0 solutions as part of our CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT.

Selected by looking at criteria such as degree of innovation, quality of business case, quality of presentation or technological innovation, all 50 finalists have five days to connect with one another and to showcase their idea and business models to visitors, potential partners, investors and customers.

“In some cases you actually find yourself saying ‘I should have thought of that myself’. But in every single case, the dedication, technical expertise and vision displayed by our finalists to implement their ideas is truly impressive.”

says Ulrich Dietz, CEO of the GFT Group and Initiator of CODE_n

Curtain up for the 50 CODE_n15 finalists from 17 countries:

Digital Life


aisoy quadrat


aisoy builds a revolutionary emotional robotic mentor for kids. Friendly, helpful, intelligent and connected, aisoy enhances creativity through discovery combined with a new class of personal robotic platform for an innovative educational concept.

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ambiotex quadrat


ambiotex produces a smart sensor shirt for health conscious individuals, who have the desire to analyze their vital data and to improve their performance. The shirt combines fitness monitoring technology with state of the art textiles to obtain an innovative high-tech shirt which measures data such as heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, training performance and stress levels.

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Connected Health builds a secure connection between doctors and patients.
Our product LifeTime allows patients to transfer health data be it medical history or data acquired by wearable tech devices in the doctor’s office locally & securely from and to their smartphones.

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cozify quadrat

Cozify Oy

Cozify is an easy and intelligent service to simplify the use of smart devices at home. The goal is to bring home automation to everyone. Cozify hub easily automates smart devices across different manufacturer specific silos.

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Dirk Baranek

IFA 2014: Internet of Things for Consumers

The IFA or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin is one of world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances. With its long tradition – the first show took place in 1924 – and over 200.000 visitors every year it is the perfect opportunity for large producers of home entertainment products to test if the market is ready for innovation. In the large halls you can find all the big brands of this industry – Samsung, LG, Miele, Bosch, Siemens and others. To point it out very clearly – The Internet of Things is in the mind of the producers and customers already. Of course nobody puts this term in big letters on top of his booth. In this industry the vogue is called “Smart Home”. And it’s really big. Every one of the before mentioned companies presented their solution for “connected” machines – at least smart kitchens. Even more: at the IFA on hall (11.1) – name: Techwatch – the organisators brought together companies, initiatives and startups with the focus on smart home applications.

The E-Haus
Fridge by SiemensIn the center of the techwatch hall you could visit a so called E-Haus, a model home done by the association of german engineers (VDE) to demonstrate the possibilities of smart home solutions. And itis getting very smart. For example the newest fridge of Siemens (Foto). This machine is taking two fotos every time you open the fridge and loads it into your cloud. This enables you to look at what’s in your fridge even being in the super market 2 km away – and the lights inside are of course off when closed!

Tado with new feature
At the booth of tado, a CODE_n14 alumni with a smart heating solution, we talked with Christian Deilmann, CEO of tado, about his approach to the Internet of Things. His radical point of view: “The term ‘Internet of Things’ will be outdated in the near future just because of the fact, that everything will have an IP address anyway.” He also criticised the ubiquitous use of the term smart home: “Smart home means nothing or everything if you like. It equals to the term ‘App Store’: there you can find everything but nothing in concrete.” At the IFA, tado showed their new feature tado care: they monitor your heating system and send you push notifications if something is going wrong.


Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Stefanie Sedlak (tado)

Tado is a Munich based startup. They are developing – together with their community – a solution for smart energy management via intelligent climate control. In practical terms this means a device with which you can control very smart, app based and user friendly your central heating unit but also the air conditioning system.

Here’s what they’re saying about themselves…

We at tado° have been working to optimize energy consumption of buildings and adjusting it to the actual demand of the residents since autumn 2010. We question the old, developing a new hard- and software generation for heating control to replace it. Our outstanding team goes down entirely new paths with our technology.

Tado was a finalist at CODE_n14 startup contest. At the CeBIT press conference end of July in Munich we talked with Stefanie Sedlak, marketing manager of tado, about their kickstarter campaign, their experience participating in CODE_n in 2014 and about women in the startup scene in general.

Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Andrea Wlcek

At the CeBIT press conference end of july in Munich we talked with Andrea Wlcek, marketing director of CODE_n initiator GFT Technologies AG, about the next edition of CODE_n, which will take place at CeBIT in March 2015. CODE_n15 will again feature a startup contest starting in September 2014 but furthermore will be an innovation platform for startups with a lot of activities in the following months.

Andrea Wlcek: “The whole idea of CODE_n is to drive the innovation. Especially here in Germany we are very slow in bringing the innovation into the markets. The idea is to bring the smartest brains to a special topic together. In this year it will be the Internet of things.”

Andrea Wlcek

Video: Interview with CODE_n Designer Clemens Weisshaar

At the CeBIT press conference end of july in Munich, we talked with Clemens Weisshaar, Co-founder of the Munich based agency Kram/Weisshaar. Clemens was responsible for the stunning concept of CODE_n at the CeBIT 2014, covering the topic Big Data, for which we got a lot of positive feedback.

Clemens is currently working on the design of the CODE_n15 presentation in hall 16 at the CeBIT next year. At the press conference he showed first sketches of his ideas. In the video he talks with us about his concept for presenting next year’s CODE_n topic “Into the Internet of Things” and his personal approach to this topic.

Mark van Rijmenam

The Seven Big Data Trends for 2014

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of Datafloq and guest blogger for CODE_n.

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the and guest blogger for CODE_n

So, what can we expect for the coming year? First of all, as IDC already predicted, the Big Data market will grow to $ 16.1 billion in 2014 and they also forecast that the Big Data technology and services market will continue to grow at a 27% CAGR to $ 32.4 billion through 2017. So, although the five trends discussed last year will continue to affect your Big Data strategy, for 2014 I foresee different areas within Big Data that will take off. Let’s have  a look at the seven Big Data trends for 2014.

The rise of the Industrial Internet

The first trend I foresee is the rise of the Industrial Internet that will affect the industrial sector dramatically. The next year, machine-to-machine data will grow significantly and continue to do so in the years after. By 2020, 40% of all data will come from sensor data and it will unlock a $ 1 trillion global market in 2020 (currently it is a $ 121 billion global market). In addition, GE reports that the Industrial Internet could add $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP in the coming years. More…

Janina Benz

CODE_n13 Contest announced the Top 50 green start-ups for the CeBIT

Since the end of August CODE_n has been searching worldwide for start-ups and emerging companies facing the energy transition with their innovative solutions. We are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved the first major milestone of our global initiative: 250 companies from 35 countries applied for the CODE_n13 Contest!

On Monday we announced the TOP 50 finalists of the CODE_n13 Contest who will be presenting their ideas at the CeBIT 2013 trade show in Hanover, Germany. The companies will share a 4,000-square-meter hall to showcase their ideas, specially designed by French artist Vincent Tavenne.

The 50 finalists invited to Hanover in March 2013 include companies from Germany, the USA, Spain, the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Brazil and Switzerland. Participants from the Ukraine, Austria, Denmark, Iceland and Algeria will also be presenting their promising business concepts.

The ideas range from a green cloud solution to a hybrid vehicle driven by pure pedal power and solar energy. There is also a solar kiosk for small companies in developing nations with no access to the power grid. Several alternative mobility solutions are among the winning entries – such as innovative car sharing concepts and an ultra-low-power, one-person electric vehicle. The “Internet of Things” will also be playing a major role at CODE_n. Several start-ups will be showing their “smart home” ideas for the intelligent management of heating, light and other devices. There will also be community-based solutions linking the possibilities of the Social Web with the sustainable use of energy.

The winners of the two CODE_n13 Awards, each worth €15,000 in cash, will be chosen by a top-rate international jury. In addition to CODE_n initiator Ulrich Dietz, the jury includes Antonella Battaglini (Renewables Grid Initiative), Julian von Blücher (Ecosummit), Murat Günak (mia electric), Carsten Knop (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Jens-Uwe Sauer (Seedmatch) and Elizabeth Varley (TechHub).

The winners will be announced at a special Award Show at the CeBIT on March 7, 2013, as will the recipients of the special prizes – crowd funding services from Seedmatch for three German finalists and a prize from Dell for the best solution based on Windows 8.

The whole CODE_n team looks forward to meet the most innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world at CeBIT 2013 and share an exciting five days full of networking and exploring!