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Celebrating one year CODE_n SPACES – opening of 14 new offices planned for January 2017

Some of you celebrated with us last week – it’s been one year since the opening of our CODE_n SPACES. And the first 12 months proved: space to do some serious digital pioneering is rare and sought after! That’s why GFT decided to extend the CODE_n SPACES innovation campus by setting up 14 further offices in the building right next door.

img_9971At CODE_n, the world never stands still. One year CODE_n SPACES confirmed just that. It was a year in which the CODE_n team, digital startups, innovation teams of international companies and managers with entrepreneurial experience moved and settled in. A year in which all of these residents enjoyed the value of a dynamic, lively network and quite a few good parties, just like the one for our first birthday.

And we’re moving further along: so far being integrated into the new GFT Corporate Center, the CODE_n SPACES are now being extended into the neighbouring building, adding a combined total floor area of 10,000 sq meters in January 2017. Located in Stuttgart’s Fasanenhof, the SPACES couldn’t be positioned any better: near the airport, near the highway, the underground right outside the door taking you directly to the city center.

“We were among the first residents in the building and having offices just a stone’s throw from the airport has done wonders for our image. The offices at CODE_n are the ideal complement to our main office in Ulm, which is where our senior managers and IT experts work,” states Dr. Helmut Mahler, former CIO of a major automotive company and founder of the cyber-security firm Code White.

Why should my startup move in?

Being a resident at the CODE_n SPACES means becoming a part of a complete ecosystem. Industrial partners, mentors, universities and other startups all belong to our worldwide CODE_n network. Access to extensive resources, a helping hand and a shoulder to rub with are factors that are given at any time. Where else would you find networking opportunities and valuable know-how so easily? More…

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Angel Labs at CODE_n EVENTS: Boot Camp for Angel Investment

Getting discussions going between startup founders and seasoned entrepreneurs is a fundamental aspect of the CODE_n ecosystem. That’s why CODE_n is hosting a one-day boot camp for Angel investors on Friday, November 14, 2014. The meet-up is directed at business angels and anyone who would like to become one. It will provide initial pointers on how to support promising startups with action and advice.

The format – dubbed Angel Labs – hopes to attract companies and private investors looking to enter the swiftly developing startup scene with the aim of offering dedicated support. Angel Labs have already been organized at various business hot spots across the globe, but never in Germany. This meet-up has been planned as part of CODE_n EVENTS and will be held at GFT headquarters – a genuine debut event for Germany.


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Startups and medium-sized businesses are joining forces on a very local level

This Wednesday, GFT hosted another CODE_n EVENT in cooperation with HiTURS – a project initiated by the economic development agency Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart (WRS) – to foster exchange among pioneers and give them a stage for showcasing their groundbreaking ideas. The goal of this event, which was called “Startups meet Mittelstand” was to bring together startups and companies on a local level in order to initiate strategic partnerships in production, sales or marketing. Furthermore, it’s a place to talk about collaboration and leveraging synergy.

Dr. Andreas Chatzis opened the event with a short introduction to WRS and their HiTURS project, followed by Felix Jansen who provided an insight into the CODE_n “ecosystem” with its latest initiative CODE_n SPACES. A perfect start for the event since both projects are pursuing the same goal: to drive partnerships and cooperation, and to create synergies between businesses and startups in Baden-Württemberg.

The rationale of this goal was the topic of a panel discussion between Dr. Carolin Tolksdorf, Eleftherios Hatziioannou (co-founder of smoope GmbH), Felix Jansen (Head of External Communication at GFT Technologies AG), Dr. Andreas Chatzis (WRS) and Holger Haussmann (COO at Conceptboard GmbH) (from the left).

HiTURS Panel


Dirk Baranek

GFT Brazil debates Big Data in financial sector with CODE_n alumni

On 27 August, GFT Brazil organised and hosted an event where “Data Revolution: Leveraging value from Big Data in Financial Services” was addressed and discussed with clients and prospects in São Paulo. Clients who were attending the event were, amongst others, Deutsche Bank Brazil, Sulamerica, Bradesco, RSA Insurance, Guidewire, and many more.

The event’s agenda was dynamic, beginning with a pleasant breakfast, followed by a brief introduction by Marco Santos, GFT Brazil Country Managing Director. Soon after, Ignacio Sales, GFT Spain senior architect and expert in Big Data, presented experiences and real cases of projects in Banks and Financial Institutions with a focus on risk management, customer experience and operational efficiency.

GFT Brazil CODE_n Event 2014

Foto (left to right): Vlnr: Ricardo Clemente (CODE_n14 Alumni Intelie), Ignacio Sales (Senior Software Architect at GFT), Miguel Reiser (Director Business Marketing at GFT), Marco Santos (Managing Director GFT Brazil), Ricardo Ramos (CODE_n14 Alumni Precifica)


Dirk Baranek

Video: Interview with Andrea Wlcek

At the CeBIT press conference end of july in Munich we talked with Andrea Wlcek, marketing director of CODE_n initiator GFT Technologies AG, about the next edition of CODE_n, which will take place at CeBIT in March 2015. CODE_n15 will again feature a startup contest starting in September 2014 but furthermore will be an innovation platform for startups with a lot of activities in the following months.

Andrea Wlcek: “The whole idea of CODE_n is to drive the innovation. Especially here in Germany we are very slow in bringing the innovation into the markets. The idea is to bring the smartest brains to a special topic together. In this year it will be the Internet of things.”

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CODE_n delves ‘Into the Internet of Things’

Robotic Media Installation at CeBIT makes manifest Industry 4.0

The theme of this year’s CODE_n Contest is the Internet of Things (IoT), a nascent, future-facing development of the Internet wherein objects and systems are embedded with computing power and are able to communicate with each other. The contest seeks the most exciting founders and companies whose endeavors are leading the charge of this global, technological phenomenon. The 50 finalists will exhibit their leading-edge business cases in the 5,000 square meter space of Hall 16 during the CeBIT fair in Hanover, Germany.

The Internet of Things describes the ever-increasing networking capabilities of machines of all scales – from quotidian objects and wearable devices to vehicles, entire factories and cityscapes. Organized around the respective sub-themes DIGITAL LIFE, SMART CITY, FUTURE MOBILITY and INDUSTRY 4.0, both the CODE_n competition and subsequent exhibition at the CeBIT Fair will address this widespread digitalization of the physical world.While recent data suggests that 17% of the world’s software developers are working on IoT projects, the competition is set to showcase the most exciting and important proposals for maximizing the potential of the Internet of Things.

“We pick up where Big Data left off: with a globally relevant theme that is massively shifting the fields of economics and science,” proclaims Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group.

“The Internet of Things is pushing companies to fundamentally rethink the way they do business. Groundbreaking ideas from the highly energetic startup scene are essential to take this vast, interconnected network to the next level and unlock possibilities yet unseen in the Internet of Things.”

Internationally renowned designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram have been commissioned to design the CODE_n exhibition, housed in the monumental space of CeBIT’s Hall 16. For the Hall’s design, the Internet of Things will be materialized as a series of interconnected objects and booths suspended in a web of scaffolding. Visitors will be able to traverse floating hallways and platforms populated with the latest and most innovative developments in the IoT.

The exhibition space will be anchored with an interactive robotic media installation entitled ROBOCHOP which invites internet users from across the world as well as fair attendees to design and fabricate a piece of furniture in real time. Weisshaar and Kram will develop an app that allows the global community to engage with the giant robotic arms sculpt material in situ.

“With ROBOCHOP, we are actualizing and personalizing the Industrial Internet. The often intangible web of technology becomes a concrete, interactive experience that nonetheless remains a taste of a not-so-distant future,”

proclaims Weisshaar. “The exhibition architecture parallels this condition by galvanizing the dialogue between new-guard company founders and industry titans.”

This very approach finds its digital counterpart in form of CODE_n CONNECT, a platform dedicated to creating a sustainable exchange between entrepreneurs, SMEs, established industrial powerhouses and investors.

Oliver Frese, Head of CeBIT at Deutsche Messe AG, says,

“the home of CODE_n, Hall 16, will once again be the center of fresh, exciting business cases at CeBIT.”


Call for Entries for the Innovation Contest starts in September

Startups that want to participate in the CODE_n Contest can register via as of early September 2014. Eligibility standards include: companies founded in 2010 or later and whose business model leverages the Internet of Things. Deadline is November 30, 2014.

The 50 finalists will receive a free exhibition space in Hall 16 as well as a permanent presence on the digital platform CODE_n CONNECT. The winner will receive the CODE_n Award and a grand prize of €30,000.

For more information, please visit:

Click here for the full press release.

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CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4

Who thought that after the award show the atmosphere would be less dynamic than on the days before was wrong. Punctual and in a good mood, though in some cases without having had enough sleep, the 50 finalists started their CeBIT day.

Later, the blogger tour organized by CeBIT and t3n visited hall 16. After some words of welcome by Andrea Wlcek the participants had the opportunity to visit some of the booths. We´re looking forward to read their posts!

Our last CODE_n party

And in the evening, it was party time again in the CODE_n Club – unfortunatelly for the last time. Accompanied by music and drinks, everybody was networking and – of course – celebrating. But also some melancholy was in the air, as the time to say good bye is getting closer.

What really made us happy yesterday: Amazing press coverage – for example by Germany´s national newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.
But the highlight came in the evening, when CODE_n made it to the main evening news on German TV.

Enjoy your remaining hours at CeBIT 2012!

*The FAZ is CODE_n media partner.Wer dachte, dass es am Tag nach der Awardnacht weniger dynamisch zugeht, hatte sich getäuscht: Pünktlich und gut gelaunt, wenn auch nicht in allen Fällen ausgeschlafen, gingen die 50 Finalisten wieder ans Werk. Und konnten sich über viele Besucher freuen.

Am Mittag enterte dann die Bloggertour von CeBIT und t3n die Halle 16. Nach einführenden Worten zum Projekt CODE_n durch Andrea Wlcek hatten die Teilnehmer dann die Möglichkeit, an einigen der Stände Gespräche zu führen. Wir sind schon gespannt auf die Beiträge.

Die letzte CODE_n-Party

Und am Abend hieß es dann zum letzten Mal: Party Time mit DJ im CODE_n Club. Bei Musik und Drinks wurden fleißig Kontakte geknüpft – und es wurde natürlich auch gefeiert. Aber ein wenig war auch Melancholie zu spüren, da der Abschied aus Hannover in greifbare Nähe gerückt ist.

Was uns gestern besonders gefreut hat: Tolle Berichte in der Presse – zum Beispiel in der FAZ* unter dem Titel “Die junge Garde der IT“.

Das Highlight war jedoch der Bericht des ZDF, der es sogar in die Hauptnachrichten um 19 schaffte. CODE_n ist ein riesiges Thema in den Medien.

Wir wünchen schöne restliche Stunden auf der CeBIT 2012!

*Die FAZ ist Medienpartner von CODE_n.

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CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 3 – And the winner is…CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 3 – And the winner is…

After six months of intensive preparation CODE_n yesterday reached its peak – the announcement of the CODE_n Award winner!

The last four CeBIT days just flew by. Also yesterday – time was just running between pitches, press interviews and the visit of Germany´s economic minister Philipp Rösler.

Directly after the trade fair ended for that day the highlight of the CeBIT week began. When all 50 finalists were asked to come on stage, the excitement was huge.

Moderator of the show was Khadra Sufi, who was guiding through the show with humorand charm, having fun on stage with Ulrich Dietz (GFT), Gerhard Müller (Ernst & Young) and Dr. Josef Reger (Fujitsu)
The tension was rising when the Top 10 were annonced: Orderbird, Transfluent, myTaxi, Synchronite, Corruption Trak, Arnega, Map My Story, Drive Now, Appear and Yavalu.

And then, THE moment was there: Although I already knew who the winner would be, I had goose bumps during the whole evening and was looking forward to see the final moment of the show. Gerhard Müller opened the envelope – “and the winner is… myTaxi”.

The myTaxi team was accompanied by thunderous applause when they entered the stage, looking really happy.

But as Johanna from our CODE_n team always says: “Everybody is a winner!”. The last five days with you were amazing – and even if there´s one CODE_n day left, we already like thinking back to the past days.
We cross our fingers for you and are sure, that you all will go your way.Nach sechs Monaten intensiver Vorbereitungszeit konnten wie uns gestern endlich auf den Höhepunkt freuen – die Bekanntgabe des CODE_n Award Gewinners.

Die letzten vier Messetage sind einfach nur an uns vorbeigeflogen. Auch der gestrige Tag verging im ereignisreichen Messealltag zwischen Pitches, Presseinterviews und dem Besuch von Philipp Rösler wieder in Windeseile.

Direkt nach Messeschluss um 18 Uhr begann dann der Höhepunkt der CeBIT-Woche: Als alle 50 Finalisten zur Begrüßung auf die Bühne gebeten wurde, war die Aufregung vor dem großen Moment spürbar.

Für die Moderation konnten wir Khadra Sufi gewinnen, die mit Charme und Witz durch die Show führte und auf der Bühne fröhlich mit Ulrich Dietz (GFT), Gerhard Müller (Ernst & Young) und Dr. Josef Reger (Fujitsu) scherzte. Dann wurde es richtig spannend: Zunächst wurden die Top 10 bekanntgegeben: Orderbird, Transfluent, myTaxi, Synchronite, Corruption Trak, Arnega, Map My Story, Drive Now, Appear und Yavalu.

Dann wurde es ernst: Obwohl ich schon wusste, wer der Gewinner sein würde, hatte ich eine Gänsehaut über die ganze Show hinweg und fieberte dem Finale entgegen. Im spannenden Moment öffnete Gerhard Müller den Umschlag – „And the winner is… myTaxi“

Tobender Applaus erfüllte die Halle; und dem myTaxi Team war die Freude auf der Bühne anzusehen.

Doch wie Johanna aus dem CODE_n Team immer zu sagen pflegt: „Ihr seid alle die Gewinner der Herzen!“ Es waren fünf unfassbare Tage mit euch – und selbst wenn CODE_n12 noch nicht ganz vorüber ist, denken wir schon jetzt gerne an die vergangenen Tage zurück. Wir drücken euch allen die Daumen und sind uns sicher, dass ihr alle euren Weg gehen werdet.