Lisa Flieg

Tech founder Tobias Günther: “A balanced lifestyle is crucial for your long-term success”

At the CODE_n event “The Art of Guidance – The Complexity of Leading Corporations and Startups”, Tobias Günther shared some pearls of wisdom from his life as a tech founder (fournova Software). How do you lead a remote team? How do you create a unique culture in your own company that the employees feel part of? Tobias spoke about his first-hand experiences in his presentation and also recommended a leadership style that is modest and which regards colleagues as competent partners. Today, we are speaking to him about how the topics of founding a company and stress management are related, and what he does to maintain the right balance despite many challenges. Teaser: That’s where mindfulness comes into play. Once again, we have a number of valuable tips and a wealth of inspiration to share with you!


Lena Gaede

Promising tech startup hubs worldwide: Belgium – a buzzing hub of entrepreneurship! Strengths and weaknesses of Belgium

Center of political power and great waffles: those are pretty much the first things that come to mind, when thinking of Belgium. Could be worse, right? But there’s more to Belgium than just that! In fact, Belgium ranks fifth in Europe for its number of fintech deals. Entrepreneurs benefit from the country’s contrasts and mixture of languages and cultures.

As Frederik de Witte, co-Founder of CODE_n Alumnus FleetMaster (formerly ivips), said,

“Belgium is a great country to build business critical software. The complexity of the country (tri-lingual, multiple government and legislations, …) and customer base (people expect state-of-the-art software that is tailored to their needs) results in the development of highly scalable, highly flexible solutions. As a result, we easily meet the requirements of multinational rental and lease companies that adopt FleetMaster today. This is quite unique and a direct result of our geographical origin.”

So, let’s have a deeper look at Belgium’s diversity. What exactly is it about the European capital that attracts young visionary minds? Let’s check out Belgium’s strengths, weaknesses and special powers as a promising tech startup hub!


Lena Gaede

Sweden rocks the startup scene! These are the strengths and weaknesses of Stockholm, Europe’s tech startup capital

What are the first things that come into your mind when thinking of ‘Sweden’? Ikea, ABBA, Vikings or meatballs perhaps… How about some of the world’s most successful global tech startups?

Spotify, Klarna and Mojang: once small ambitious startups, now billion dollar companies that started life in Stockholm, Sweden. But how does Sweden, a country of only 9.8m people, roughly a sixth the size of the UK and in fact only half the population of greater London, become the pinnacle of European innovation?

Below we review what Sweden has on offer from a startup’s perspective and especially shed light on its capital Stockholm, strengths and weaknesses.