Martina Merz

Guest feature Martina Merz | It’s never too late to be a pioneer

I’m a pioneer now. Before, I was a production planner, a self-starter, a supporter, an executive, a director. But not a pioneer.

So on the day I joined CODE_n SPACES, I became a recognized pioneer. I have a little office with pink-check walls in the “Hub for digital pioneers”. Sometimes, I find my new eco-system a little skewed, sometimes it’s a little challenging – but I always find it energy-charged and stimulating.

The commitment to development through change – and yes – I’ve developed as a person. The people and the topics in the SPACES have made me “better”, I believe.


Moritz Gräter

Corporate Innovation | Boost how you innovate with CODE_n

Adopting the right approach to digital transformation creates new and exciting opportunities for companies and new ways to shape their own success. But every journey has challenges, especially at established corporations. Equally, even smaller initiatives like trying to promote more digital innovation or adopting new ways of thinking within an organization seem to create obstacles for corporations. Of course, companies have already unearthed a number of potential corporate innovation methods and have learned a lot. But the journey to become a digital pioneer not only involves managing the many different aspects of digital transformation, firms also need access to global networks – experts, experienced pioneers, people who know about tech-related topics, the broader challenges (e.g., engendering an effective culture of innovation), and specific innovation formats (e.g., startup co-creation models).

CODE_n has been a key player in the innovation scene for years and is now opening up its network and experience to established corporations and SMEs. Why? To help them to boost their innovation processes themselves; to allow them to become a digital pioneer under their own steam.


Lena Gaede

Trends and disruptive business models of FoodTech: changing the game in the food industry and our lives

While smart factories and smart homes are slowly becoming everyday life, technology has also entered the food industry. But what’s awaiting us? How will the restaurant industry look like in the near future and how will technology affect our nutrition? Take a look at the food trends 2017 – and discover how this industry and restaurants will be transformed by digitization!