Moritz Gräter

New York, New York! CODE_n travel report | DLD Conference, Startup Spaces and tons of inspiration

New York, here we come! CODE_n was on the road again, this time in the city that never sleeps. Managing Director Moritz Gräter and his GFT colleague Michael Wendt went on a whistle-stop tour of New York from May 9 to 13, 2017. The trip was arranged following an invitation from the organizers of the DLD Conference, which had set up a base camp in New York for two days. Aside from the conference itself, the two intrepid explorers experienced all kinds of inspiring things in the Big Apple – from tours of some captivating coworking spaces to hearing about the very latest trends at the NY Tech Meetup. There was also a visit to our colleagues at GFT USA Inc. Discover more about the trip in Moritz’s exclusive travel report. Enjoy the read!


Felix Jansen

CODE_n SPACES for Future Mobility in Stuttgart – Innovation Campus for Startups and Digital Pioneers

It’s the start of something completely new in the Stuttgart: CODE_n SPACES, an arena specially dedicated to innovation at the GFT Group’s new corporate center. Measuring 2,000 sq m, the arena gives startups, innovation teams at established companies, and creative thinkers all the space they need to dive into the task at hand and define the shape of things to come. On board since its inception: EnBW, closely involved as a strategic partner of the CODE_n innovation platform. The focal topic: Future Mobility.

GFT Corporate Center

CODE_n SPACES: a place to explore creativity without limitation

“The first question we posed was, ‘What, aside from a brilliant business concept, do young and established firms need to be innovative and successful and to be part of the transition into a digital society?’ The answer was patently obvious: a place for both parties to explore their creativity without limitation; to collaborate and network with universities, international businesses and investors. This fired the starting shot for our very own innovation ecosystem, CODE_n SPACES,” states Ulrich Dietz.

The founder and CEO of the GFT Group already got the ball rolling for CODE_n in 2011. Every year since then, the international startup contest, which awards a prize of €30,000, has been hitting the headlines at CeBIT, the world’s biggest IT trade show. And all for the right reasons: The initiative has become a mecca for digital pioneers worldwide. Following in the footsteps of the online platform CODE_n CONNECT, which the GFT Group only recently catapulted from the launch pad, CODE_n SPACES now becomes the next extension to the initiative.