Lisa Flieg

Startup Codeatelier: “Don’t set up a company in the hardware sector” Interview Part 2

We continue our Alumnus catch up with Codeatelier and provide you with more founders news of Waldemar and Jochen. If you missed the start, don’t forget to catch a glimpse at part 1. But finally, find our why they don’t necessarily recommend establishing a startup in the hardware sector to other entrepreneurs. Furthermore the founding duo sheds light on what’s behind the new startup project Steuerbot.


Lisa Flieg

Startup Codeatelier: “Our tip to entrepreneurs? Find partners and an amazing co-founder!” Interview Part 1

We love alumni reunions! At the GFT Inspiration Day, we had the opportunity to meet up again with smart home startup Codeatelier. Its two founders, Waldemar and Jochen, gave us an update on what’s been happening since they took part in the CODE_n CONTEST back in 2013. And here’s what we can tell you: There has been a lot of development, since through the competition and the platform at CeBIT, they were able to find a key partner to help them grow further and have now even come up with another startup idea – Steuerbot – which they are currently working on. You’ll also learn in part 2 of the interview why the founding duo doesn’t necessarily recommend establishing a startup in the hardware sector to other entrepreneurs ;-).




Guest feature | Codeatelier @ CODE_n new.New Festival

Like the festival wristband? Cool! Fancy food trucks & Indie rock pop? Top international startups? We can’t miss that! That’s why homee goes festival. From September 20 to 22 the Codeatelier Team took part in the CODE_n new.New Festival in Karlsruhe.

codeatelier_2We’re back as alumni!

This year CODE_n invited us to Karlsruhe, so that we could present our product homee to the festival visitors. As CODE_n alumni, we were allowed to take our place in the Community Area.

How did we manage to get there? For Codeatelier and homee, the journey started as long ago as 2013: Back then, in the CODE_n13 competition, which took place in Hannover during CeBit, we made it into the finalists – and won! homee convinced the jury and was honored with two prizes.

homee has become famous

Today, three years later, we can look back on a period of success. Without the opportunities provided by a platform like this, homee might not be in the position which we now enjoy: established in the smart home market. Each and every day, we are delighted that our Smart Home control unit makes living more convenient for our customers. More…

Janina Benz

Homee launched crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Only two months ago Homee was invited to join Continental at the IAA. Now Homee is back with big news! We proudly announce that Homee launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The aim is ambitious, they need to receive 100,000 € by the crowd within 42 days. In our last post we discussed the different funding options and that crowdfunding is getting more and more popular for startups and we keep our fingers crossed.

How does Homee work?

Homee is a cool gadget and a life-style product which is also a smart home solution of high quality. Control and connect all your favorite devices with Homee. You can combine different products from different manufacturers and even different standards; and bring them all together in the easiest way possible!

Homee: your home remote from Codeatelier on Vimeo. More…

Janina Benz

Waldemar Wunder: “Maybe Homee is becoming the Facebook for (energy) data someday”

As mentioned in the last blog post, two of our CODE_n13 finalists – Codeatelier and carzapp – were invited to join Continental at the IAA, offering the startups a unique opportunity to present their business ideas at the Continental booth for two days each. I headed over to the IAA in Frankfurt on monday to speak to Waldemar Wunder, co-founder of the startup Codeatelier. We talked about his expectations for the IAA trade show, the next big steps his product “Homee” will take and the CODE_n14 Contest.

Waldemar Wunder - co-founder of Codeatelier

Waldemar Wunder – Co-founder of Codeatelier

Janina Benz: Hello Waldemar, the IAA focuses specifically on the automotive industry. Your product, Homee, is a smart home solution. What were your expectations in coming to the IAA?

Waldemar Wunder: Although we aren’t from the automotive industry per se, the topic of smart homes is significant for average people – and there are plenty of them here at the show. So we see great potential for making lots of valuable contacts. More…

Janina Benz

CODE_n13 finalists Codeatelier and carzapp – exclusively at the Continental stand at the IAA

The IAA – “the world’s most automobile show” – is being held in Frankfurt from September 12–22. This year, the Continental fair stand will host two CODE_n13 finalists: Codeatelier and carzapp. The two startups were invited to present their business ideas at Continental’s IAA stand this year, after winning a special prize at CeBIT in 2013. Each startup will have two days to take part in the show’s publicity week.

We are very happy for Codeatelier and carzapp. We will be visiting both startups at the IAA and reporting on the excitement live via Twitter and Facebook. Anyone interested in dropping by to see for themselves can visit stand A08 in hall 5.1.

Codeatelier's smart home solution Homee

Codeatelier’s smart home solution Homee


Janina Benz

Meet the CODE_n13 finalists for: Smart Home

Home networking offers a comfortable way to save energy. Our finalists in the Smart Home category will show how this works. Welcome Codeatelier*, GreenPocket, Modern Wall, ROCKETHOME, tado° and WattioCorp!_______________________________________________________________________________

GreenPocket GmbH - Thomas Goette

GreenPocket GmbH – Thomas Goette


Modern Wall - Khaled Mouats

Modern Wall – Khaled Mouats


ROCKETHOME GmbH - Yüksel Sirmasac

ROCKETHOME GmbH – Yüksel Sirmasac


tado° GmbH - Leopold von Bismarck

tado° GmbH – Leopold von Bismarck


WattioCorp S.L.U. - Patxi Echeveste

WattioCorp S.L.U. – Patxi Echeveste


*As soon as we receive the questionnaires of Codeatelier it will be found here as well.