Lisa Flieg

CODE_n SPACES Residents | “We had to learn to let go of our original concept” – The CODE2ORDER startup talks about pivoting

We decided this time to talk to one of the residents of CODE_n SPACES about a topic that many find fascinating, especially in the world of business startups: pivoting! The term “pivoting” originates from the lean startup thinking of Eric Ries. It’s used to describe what happens when a business model has to be completely overhauled and everything goes in a new strategic direction. It’s based on the Build-Measure-Learn method and the idea is that a startup applies lean techniques to radically evolve its business model and address actual market needs and customer requirements. It’s not uncommon for customer feedback, testing, the competitive set, or some overall shift in the market to force business founders to throw out their original idea – just to identify a business model that actually will return a profit. And why not? How often is the first attempt at something right on the mark?