Lisa Flieg

The healthtech revolution is gaining ground! But how are entrepreneurs protecting their own health?

In a recent interview with Tobias Günther, we explored the topic of work-life balance and how he has handled stress while starting up his own company. When asked whether the founder of a startup is even able to strike a healthy balance between work and other aspects of life, he answered, “You definitely can. And, maybe more importantly: you have to! The alternative of constantly overstraining yourself is simply not sustainable.” On the other side of this equation you’ll find ambitious entrepreneurs in the fields of medicine and healthtech working to keep improving human health in a wide range of areas. Their inventions are making a contribution toward empowering people to lead healthy lives that are worth living. We recently reported on monikit, the team planning to launch the first smartwatch for epileptics in 2020. BABYBE medical is working on a high-tech cushion that supports the development of premature babies in incubators.

But how do entrepreneurs actually take care of their own health in the high-pressure environment of a startup? And what does healthtech have to offer a group that has been shown to carry a very high stress load? We decided to get to the bottom of these questions and went looking for answers among the healthtech startups that are part of our network. Feedback from Soma Analytics, AmbiGate, and SimyLife helped us paint a better picture of the state of healthtech and entrepreneurship.


Lisa Flieg

“It’s all about Darwinism and survival”: fintech feature part 2 with Blockchain HELIX, Kantox, and fino digital

In part 1 we promised you that we still have more expert opinions in the pipeline, ready to discuss the future of banking and finance and what it holds for us! In the prelude, Nordic hotshot meniga suggested that banks face a real risk of losing their position of power as players like snapchat or WeChat enter in disguise – along with giants like Amazon and thousands of emerging fintechs. However according to meniga, a CODE_n alumnus, making digital banking a drastically better environment as well as gathering speed in providing a top-notch user experience could be a lifeline that allows banks to keep pace with the emerging competitors. What do other players think? Three additional visionary fintechs predict where the digital disruption of the banking and finance sector will lead. But be prepared – they don’t offer easy answers!

CODE_n in a conversation with the CEOs of Alumni Blockchain HELIX, Kantox, and fino digital.


Lisa Flieg

“Bring lots of enthusiasm and perseverance”: Alumnus SpinDiag shares lessons learned in finding investors

Some exciting news from the CODE_n Community! When we read the story at the end of last month it was nothing short of phenomenal. One of our alumni, the HealthTech startup SpinDiag, has just drummed up €1.6 million in seed capital. The team plans to use the funding to roll out its revolutionary point-of-care screening system for antibiotic resistance and conduct initial trials in hospitals. The HealthTech startup has been working on its novel solution since 2016, following a spinoff from the Hahn-Schickard R&D institute. The system could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives, thanks to a simple screening test that can ascertain in as little as 30 minutes if a patient is carrying drug-resistant bacteria and thus requires treatment in isolation from other patients. Introducing the screening systems to hospital wards could drastically reduce mortalities resulting from germs: Colonization and infections can be detected immediately and positive patients treated in isolation, thus preventing the transmission of drug-resistant bacteria in the long term. We spoke to the team about the seed funding initiative and asked them what tips they would give to startups. Of course, we were also dying to hear about their plans!


Lisa Flieg

Corporate Innovation | Hager Group: “Digitization is changing every aspect of our business”

Digitization, digital transformation, industry 4.0 – these buzzwords, along with their inherent opportunities, are currently on the minds of established companies from the industry. Yet how does one deal specifically with this digital transformation? What solution strategies are being implemented to propel traditional industries into the future? And at the end of the day, what has been proven to be successful? CODE_n shines a light into the darkness and talks with decision-makers from the CODE_n community. We ask about their lessons learned and actions taken off the beaten path in order to blaze new trails – Get excited about our exclusive insights into the world of corporate innovation! Today we are speaking with the CEO of CODE_n partner Hager Group, Daniel Hager. This family company is one of the leading providers of electro-technical installation solutions and has been an active partner in the CODE_n community with various innovation activities since 2013.


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Top hot spots of the Internet of Things and Humans – IoTH is spreading!

We all understand: the Internet of Things fundamentally changes the way we work, live and play. At the CODE_n CONTEST 2015 we even delved “into the Internet of Things” and learned everything about the new capable objects and systems. But some people tend to forget about an essential hub of this all-connecting network: us. But then again, we are already diving into a new era of the Internet of Things and Humans, in short IoTH. So what role do humans play in the Internet of Things? And what are the hot spots and trends in the IoTH? Time to further explore this topic!




Guest feature | Codeatelier @ CODE_n new.New Festival

Like the festival wristband? Cool! Fancy food trucks & Indie rock pop? Top international startups? We can’t miss that! That’s why homee goes festival. From September 20 to 22 the Codeatelier Team took part in the CODE_n new.New Festival in Karlsruhe.

codeatelier_2We’re back as alumni!

This year CODE_n invited us to Karlsruhe, so that we could present our product homee to the festival visitors. As CODE_n alumni, we were allowed to take our place in the Community Area.

How did we manage to get there? For Codeatelier and homee, the journey started as long ago as 2013: Back then, in the CODE_n13 competition, which took place in Hannover during CeBit, we made it into the finalists – and won! homee convinced the jury and was honored with two prizes.

homee has become famous

Today, three years later, we can look back on a period of success. Without the opportunities provided by a platform like this, homee might not be in the position which we now enjoy: established in the smart home market. Each and every day, we are delighted that our Smart Home control unit makes living more convenient for our customers. More…

Filiz Sarah Gärtner

A great last Day for a great Festival – These are the Highlights of Day 3!

Can you believe it’s already day three of our new.New Festival? We hardly can! Two exciting days filled with a great conference program and a lucky CODE_n16 winner lie behind us – but of course our last day has a lot to offer as well! We’ll tell you what today’s highlights are and what you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Yesterday was the big day! At the CODE_n Award Show we finally got to know which promising startup won our CODE_n CONTEST this year. Drum rolls for… Xarion! The Vienna-based company left 385 competitors from 40 countries behind and secured the grand prize of €30,000! With their business model, they left a great impression on our jury! Xarion sets new yardsticks within the sectors of ultrasound imaging, process monitoring and testing technology. Their ground-breaking laser microphone combines a lot of benefits: insensitive to wind and vibration and highly precise in extremely high frequency ranges.

CODE_n initiator Ulrich Dietz announced Xarion as the winner of CODE_n16!

CODE_n initiator Ulrich Dietz announced Xarion as the winner of CODE_n16!


Michael Hehn

Get ready for the night of the nights: These are the Highlights of Day 2

A three-day festival feels like an intensive trip:

Yesterday everything was new:  Arriving, exploring the festival grounds at ZKM, visiting the first speaker slots and making new contacts. Tomorrow – it´s already time to say goodbye. So between “hello” and “goodbye”, there´s today – time to have a great time.

We did our best to make our “CODE_n Oscars” a great night by adding the following incrediences:

  • Ingedient 1:  Tension: From 52 to 10 startups, which will pitch to the jury at 11.20h (Main Stage): Top 10 Pitches 
  • Ingedient 2: A great show: Meet us on the main stage at 6.30h for THE highlight: The CODE_n Award Show. Who will win the four cluster prices and the price of prices: The 30k € CODE_n Awards? We´ll know soon!
  • Ingedient 3: Good music – listen to one of Razz´s fine indie rock and dance like you never danced before to Lakechild´s amazing Deephouse.

And if this is still not enough for you, why not go on a walk to the Karlsruhe castle and see the light projections of the “Schlossfestspiele”

But before changing to party mode, there´s a lot to discover: Meet our startups, explore the fantastic booths of our partners and visit the conference program.

Here are some highlights:

.. for startups:

.. for all visitors: Why not

Whatever you do: Have fun and enjoy the festival!
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