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CODE_n CONFERENCE II: Living your Digital Life

Downloadbild_Code_n15_Program The CODE_n CONFERENCE to be held in Hall 16 at the upcoming CeBIT is huge – featuring more than 50 slots and 100+ speakers. This year’s CODE_n is running under the motto: “Into the Internet of Things,” and spans the four categories Industry 4.0., Digital Life, Future Mobility, and Smart City. To give visitors a more focused view on this, here are a few highlights from the category “Digital Life,” to be presented at the CONFERENCE.

Stage_Dialog_02Digital Banking at your Fingertips
Monday | 16.03.2015 | 16:30 – 16:50 | Stage Dialog
Dr. Ignasi Barri, Innovation Manager, GFT IT Consulting S.L.U.
Francisco Amador, Technology Innovation Manager, GFT IT Consulting, S.L.U.
Using the process for “solving account overdrafts” as an example, we will look at GFT’s approach to driving the digital transformation in retail banking. The dialogue will uncover how customers can experience seamless service across various channels and devices when banks take advantage of different trends in retail banking such as customer insight, mobile banking, mobile payments, social banking, contextual notifications, real-time analytics, customer experience, omnichannel processes, biometrics or service quality.

Stage_Dialog_02Utilities Go Digital – Impact on Customer Experience
Tuesday | 17.03.2015 | 10:20 – 10:40 | Stage Dialog
Smart technology has revolutionized communications and put the customer center stage. As the energy transition moves forward, utilities need to manage the digital transformation in order to match new customer needs and reach target groups on an increasingly complex customer journey. Dr. Susan Hennersdorf, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing & Operations of EnBW, will discuss opportunities in creating an overall customer experience across all channels.



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Finalist |KIWI.KI (Germany) – Connecting cities by making the physical key obsolte

KIWI is a handsfree access-as-a-service infrastructure for apartment buildings providing efficiency gains for the real estate industry and true convenience for residents. KIWI makes the physical key obsolete and connects cities by connecting every front door. We talked to Dr.-Ing. Christian Bogatu, Managing Director Product, Sales & Marketing of KIWI about his solution.

For more information visit: CODE_n CONNECT Website Twitter

Where did your idea for the company come from?

Christian Bogatu (KIWI.KI): The idea for KIWI actually came from our co-founder Claudia Nagel. Standing in front of her door one day, hands full of shopping and the kids at her side, she was wondering why she still has to use physical keys these days. When she then spotted mail men and garbage collectors with their huge key chains, she realized that a more intelligent solution to deal with all the key hassle could actually be quite successful. That’s how the idea for KIWI was born.

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?

Christian Bogatu (KIWI.KI): KIWI.KI builds a citywide IoT infrastructure based on KIWI – secure, hands-free access-as-a-service for apartment buildings. For our business customers, access is at the core of their daily activities. Package delivery, waste management, and other service providers need to gain entry in order to do their jobs. This necessitates a huge headache of physical key management. With KIWI installed, it’s simple: A single “Ki” opens all authorized doors and management is done centrally and securely. The private residents, on their part, enjoy the safety and convenience of hands-free access with KIWI. But there are even more potential user groups like rescue services or in the field of ambient assisted living. For example, the Berlin fire brigade has already been using KIWI in a pilot project since December 2014. More…

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CODE_14 Award Winner Viewsy The CODE_n CONTEST is entering the home straight. 50 startups from 17 countries are competing for the CODE_n AWARD 2015. Here is the official timeline for how the winner will be determined at CeBIT.

Special EventAnnouncement of Top 10 Finalists
Tuesday | 17.03.2015 | 16:30 – 16:35 | Special Event
For the CODE_n CONTEST, 50 finalists were chosen out of 400 applicants from over 40 countries. Of the 50 finalists, the high caliber CODE_n JURY has selected the Top 10 companies, that are shortlisted for the prestigious CODE_n AWARD. These startups will have the opportunity to pitch live on Wednesday, 18 March 11:00 in front of the jury on the main stage. But who will be the top 10 nominees? Find out when we announce them in the run up to the Award Day. More…

Special EventTop Ten Pitch
Thursday | 18.03.2015 | 11:00 – 12:00 | Special Event
400 IoT startups from around the world submitted their business models and concepts for this year’s “Into the Internet of Things” CODE_n CONTEST. 50 have made it to Hall 16. 10 will make it to the final. Their last hurdle before one of them will be announced the winner on Wednesday night: a short live pitch in front of eleven prominent industry and business media representatives, the CODE_n jury! More…

Special EventCODE_n Award Show
Thursday | 18.03.2015 | 18:30 – 20:45 | Special Event
More than 400 applicants, 50 CODE_n finalists, 1 champion – on Wednesday evening, we will crown this year’s winner of the CODE_n Award. Join this exciting pinnacle of CODE_n and be part of an extraordinary show in Hall 16! Celebrate with the digital avant-garde to the music of HATTLER and see Flo König’s amazing perpetuum mobile installation. More…

Founders-Stories_04Extra: CODE_n Alumni Talk – Experiences, Stories, Outlook
Wednesday | 19.03.2015 | 16:30 – 17:00 | Founders’ Stories
The CODE_n Community counts 150 alumni startups – all of them former top 50 finalists. Some of them are back on stage to report what has happened since they joined CODE_n. They will share their experiences and stories, give an outlook on what they expect for their future development and share some valuable advice on financing, growth, and how to get the most from on the CODE_n ecosystem.

  • Sascha Nagel, Business Development Manager, Data Virtuality
  • Roman Engel, Executive Director, Daubit
  • Björn Goerke, Co-Founder & CEO, GPredictive
  • Nikolaus Röttger, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED GERMANY


Special EventCODE_n Party
Donnerstag | 19.03.2015 | ab 18 Uhr | Special Event
Chill out with the House-Duo Lakechild.

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Finalist | HUDWAY (Latvia) – Ensuring a clear view for drivers, always.

Hudqay quadratHUDWAY is an augmented-reality application for navigation when visibility is reduced to 50-60 meters and overall conditions are dangerous — heavy snow, rain, fog, dusk or darkness. The user puts the smartphone onto a dashboard, close to the windshield, and starts driving. The live visualization of the road created on the smartphone screen is reflected off the windshield, making it a HUD. Ivan Klabukov, Co-founder and CEO of HUDWAY tells us more about the origin of their idea, the rocky road until they came up with the final solution and all the great functionalities it offers now.

More information: CODE_n CONNECT | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Where did your idea for the company come from?

Ivan Klabukov (HUDWAY): The idea, just as it often happens, came from a real need. My brother – the project co-founder – is a professional rally pilot. He once came up to me and asked me to create a mobile app that would display a road line and the vehicle’s position on it — like you see in games. A rally co-pilot could use this info to get their current speed, locate their position and check if they’re lost.

We made a simple app and then had to work out how to display this info on the windshield. This would allow the pilot to see the info too. Moreover, this would support the co-pilot’s instructions, which is important, especially for junior co-pilots. We couldn’t just attach the phone or tablet in front of the pilot — it would reduce his visibility. Plus, you can’t take the pilot’s eye off the road — to imagine how focused the pilot has to be, imagine driving along a narrow, windy forest road at 150 km/h.

Then we thought about projecting the image onto the windshield. We did some research and found some guys in the USA who already manufacture head-up devices with laser projection onto a special film glued onto the windshield. This was a cool solution, but also a very expensive one. We saw no way forward and almost gave it up. More…

Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Finalist | relayr (Germany) – WunderBar: Making tech approachable

Our CODE_n Industry 4.0 finalist relayr combines hardware and cloud Software-as-a-Service: Their flagship product WunderBar is a sensor kit with 8 sensor channels, 6 Beacon BlueTooth 4.0 modules and a Wifi Master module. The WunderBar is for rapid-prototyping new smart solutions combining hardware and software while the relayr OpenSensorCloud provides 6 SDKs, APIs, rich documentation and tutorial apps.

Fore more information visit: CODE_n CONNECT | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Where did your idea for the company come from?

relayr: The Internet of Things – devices and objects being able to communicate with each other independently – is changing the way we interact with the world around us by making everything from dishwashers to production lines smart. But we realised that one key thing was missing – the accessibility for developers and businesses to rapidly bring their ideas and prototypes to life.

To create new IoT products you need a stable and secure cloud, hardware to prototype and SDKs to start developing your software. Our idea was to create the entire package, the relayr stack, that includes everything a developer or business needs to start creating their own smart devices and solutions that will help them innovate new products, or make their existing products more efficient and more productive. More…

Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Finalist | Idatase (Germany) – Helps engineers spend their time on solutions rather than problems

Our Industry 4.0 finalist idatase has come up with an innovative tool for maintenance and administration of complex network systems. NetLume automatically collects the sensor or log data of devices in the network and turns them into well formatted information for analyzing purposes. Jan Haken, CEO of idatase, gave us detailed answeres about his solution.

For more information you can also visit: CODE_n CONNECT | Website | Facebook

Where did your idea for the company come from?

Jan Haken (Idatase): Philipp, one of the partners in idatase, as well as I myself, have been working as IT consultants and engineers in infrastructure automation for more than 15 years. We know how painful it can be to identify problems in abstract network based systems. Checking logs or data in the network is a very exhausting task and you need to go through a series of interconnected systems to single out the most likely causal chain for a given symptom. It requires a huge amount of experience, knowledge and intuition to really get a solid grasp of things in such complex structures. Through one of my projects which I was engaged in a few years back I realized that the exact same problem is what bothers all kinds of heterogeneous industrial environments, be it cars, industrial plants, machinery and even abstract systems like logistics chains. The said project was about trying to identify a certain malfunction generated by a faulty part in an industrial system by using sensor data – independent of location, time, work load on the system or other extrinsic or intrinsic factors.


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Finalist | Ca7CH Motion Inc. (United States) – Show your life through your eyes, authentic and real

catch motion quadratOur finalist CA7CH Motion Inc. from the Unites States makes the world’s smallest hands-free, wearable, live-streaming cameras that you can live with and share your life through. Rom Eizenberg, founder and CEO of Ca7CH Motion answered our questions and told us more about his vision for their solution.

For more information visit: | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Where did your idea for the company come from?

Rom Eizenberg (Ca7CH Motion): What started as a simple conversation about a camera’s fit with our times, sparked a curiosity among two friends to re-imagine how we capture and share our experiences – telling stories with pictures and video. Fueled by a passion to harness the power of technology and mobile software to bridge distance, CA7CH Motion Inc. was started in October 2013 with one mission: to redefine the camera as a connected device, disrupting social and picture messaging to bring people closer together.

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?

Rom Eizenberg (Ca7CH Motion): We are creating a new, hands-free way for people to connect over distance and share everyday experiences, creating first-person authentic content in a single click – simple and fun. CA7CH is targeting millennials, but also young parents and other users who want to benefit from one-click sharing that is hands-free with a curated audience and in real time. We are out to simplify picture and video messaging through a hands-free experience, making the creator an active participant in their experience, removing barriers and generating free-flowing content. Showing life through your eyes, authentic and real. More…

Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Finalist | PTX technical expertise (Germany) – Vision for Motion

PTX quadrat

4D MMS – “Multi Mobility Safety” enables machines and vehicles to see and recognize objects. Ferdinand Wiegelmann, the CEO of PTX technical expertise, explains how: Machines and industrial robots do not have to be in a secured area or operate within an enclosed system. Instead, they can still act independently by using a 3D laser scanner. So cars can now detect their surroundings on a much more detailed 3D level, instead of using radar or ultrasonic sound.

Fore more information please visit: CODE_n CONNECT | Website | Facebook

Where did your idea for the company come from?

Ferdinand Wiegelmann (PTX technical expertise): The idea for 4D MMS based on laser scanning comes from the need to make machines, robots and vehicles more flexible and to enable them to see and recognize objects. We call this “vision for motion.”

For which kind of audience is your product or service intended and what problem is it solving?

Ferdinand Wiegelmann (PTX technical expertise): Our customers are providers of industry automation systems, industrial and forklift trucks as well as transport robots. Their aim is to increase productivity and avoid collisions. Thanks to 4D MMS, their immediate environment can be detected and motions can be predicted.