Lars Schatilow
Full Name: Lars Schatilow
Info: Lars Schatilow (38) is the founder and CEO of BUTRAN Business Transformation, a consulting startup based in Dusseldorf and Berlin. In 2015, Lars was winding down his first startup, MITPACKgelegenheit, while still working as a director of digital transformation for an international management consulting firm. In early 2012, Lars was appointed a member of an acatech group of experts looking at smart services on behalf of the German government. The group was spearheaded by acatech president Henning Kagermann and the Accenture CEO for German-speaking countries, Frank Riemensperger, and its remit was to write a proposal for an initiative called Smart Service Welt. After finishing his doctoral thesis, Lars worked at the European Parliament and was an executive assistant to the president of Zeppelin University.