Marc Hoenke with CODE_n at CeBIT

Marc Hoenke - Director Product Marketing Central Europe at

Marc Hoenke – Director Product Marketing Central Europe at

This year, won’t just be in Hall 4 with the old hands of IT (Microsoft, SAP, etc.); it will also be in Hall 16 with CODE_n, an international platform for digital pioneers, innovators and startups. So, why exactly will we be in the CODE_n hall, which is, by the way, an initiative of GFT? Because we recently became one of its strategic partners – that’s why!  

A Perfect Fit

It happened like this: At last year’s CeBIT, we were blown away by everything CODE_n had going on for startups in Hall 16. When we saw what was on offer, we knew right away that our solutions could be a great addition to the CODE_n portfolio. Because with, startups can develop innovative applications quickly and easily. Our solutions grow as companies grow, and all of our data is stored on a single platform. We offer an ideal range of solutions for startups – just ask any that have worked with us, like My Muesli and Lieferheld.

Partnering with the DNA of Innovation

But back to the story: We got in touch with CODE_n, had a few interesting conversations about how exactly a strategic partnership works, and it all resulted in the close cooperation that exists today. And that means, among other things: Visitors won’t just find us with the “old timers” at this year’s CeBIT. We’ll also be mingling with the young and dynamic. (Pssst…do you happen to know what CODE_n stands for? I’ll tell you: “code of the new,” the DNA of innovation.)

We look forward to being in Hall 16 this year and to convincing some interesting startups, live and in color, that we’re their ideal partner for “coding, growing and running their business.”

So, we’ll see you in Hanover? You can set up an appointment with us by clicking here!


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