Lucie Menz

Guest article | Falling Walls Venture Berlin: The international platform for science based start-ups

The Falling Walls Foundation renowned for its meeting of the “brightest minds on the planet”, as the BBC called the annual Falling Walls Conference, set up a new global forum for science based start-ups in 2013. At Falling Walls Venture, they are invited to present their business concepts to investors, opinion leaders and a distinguished jury on 8 November in Berlin.

When you think about the start-up scene, fancy mobile apps, devices or new online services instantly come to mind. The connection to science and basic research seems to be a very remote one, as is the interconnection between universities and venture capital. When money is spent on science and research, you are often confronted with the question: What is the economic benefit? How does this have a positive impact on the economy and can it – in the end – create new jobs? The answer is: definitely yes!


Numerous start-up companies arise from new scientific findings that resulted from research conducted at universities: companies operating in medicine, life sciences, biotechnologies or IT, developing new materials, vaccines or green technologies. These are the start-ups the Falling Walls Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Berlin, wanted to create a platform for by launching Falling Walls Venture in 2013: A showcase for new companies that are founded by researchers and based on new scientific insights.


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

“Driving” innovation – half time in CODE_n hall 16 at CebIT

Half time at CeBIT: Two days lie behind us already and there are two more to come. But even as the week progresses, CODE_n hall 16 – the hotspot for innovation – has further aces up its sleeve. Future Mobility, Future Banking, Future Finalist – these terms may seem distant or even unreal, but the future is closer than you think: it’s right here with us in Hanover, Hall 16.

For quite a few impressive woman and a couple of courages men, the day started out with a breakfast around the main topic Into the Internet of Things, hosted by SAALZWEI, the business online magazine for female readers. Apart from coffee and great food, visitors received input on the management of successful IT companies, by Marika Lulay, COO of GFT and got to listen to the founder story of Katja Beyer and Dr. Moria Shimoni of CODE_n finalist VAYSUSENSE. Dr. D. Knodel encouraged women to look into programming – the closest thing we have to a superpower!



From IT to Future Mobility: that’s what the conference program on Wednesday seems to be all about. Around midday, the hall is on the move – showing smart mobility and logistics with Frank Rinderknecht and team Rinspeed, Peter Fuss and Dr. Rainer Scholz from CODE_n partner EY, before Accenture presents what driver’s want: an automative survey, taking the sales cycle online. More speed comes from a rather unusual participant: Allianz. Insurance as an enabler for new mobility concepts is something the Allianz Digital Accelerator has in mind. More data-driven, indidivual mobility ideas come from Blue Yonder, showing how algorithms will improve personal travel. More…