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“Our mission is to make the regional startup ecosystems visible across the whole of Germany!” | Event review – launch party of StartupSpot BaWü

Following the fantastic news that Stuttgart has officially been named one of twelve digital hubs in Germany, on May 17, 2017 it was full steam ahead for business founders in Baden-Wuerttemberg thanks to an exciting lineup of activities. The launch of StartupSpot BaWü, the new startup relationship tool initiated by Sina Gritzuhn, the founder of Hamburg Startups, was marked by an amazing opening party at CODE_n SPACES in Stuttgart. Just under 80 special guests were invited, most of them representatives of the regional startup scene, businesses, and partners in the local community. Not only was this a chance to mark the official launch, there was plenty of time to forge contacts and do some networking. As well as the party itself, there was a unique presentation on the StartupSpot database and some of the new business ideas being worked on by local startups. Discover more about the background to the event, browse pictures taken on the evening, and read fun and fascinating facts about the initiative and the role it will play in galvanizing the activities of all kinds of startups in Baden-Wuerttemberg!


Lena Gaede

German Digital Hub Initiative: CODE_n and partners will accelerate Stuttgart Hub

Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and now Stuttgart – to name just a few! The Federal Ministry of Economics Affairs and Energy recently announced the launch of twelve digital hubs in Germany as part of its Digital Hub Initiative. The aim of the program is to foster collaboration between companies and business entrepreneurs, thus allowing them to work side by side in close quarters, similar to Silicon Valley. The program will also help fuel collaboration between the German startup scene and industry hotspots. An alliance of regional players, GFT Technologies SE and CODE_n among them, formed a consortium that nominated and qualified Stuttgart as a leading digital hub in Germany. The focus: the industries of the future! The Initiative is a great opportunity to bundle the strengths of the lively local startup scenes, international world market leaders and the excellent science in Germany!


Lena Gaede

Promising tech startup hubs worldwide: Stuttgart’s startup scene on the fast track! Gain insights into its strengths, weaknesses and special powers

What comes to your mind when hearing “Stuttgart”? Let’s say, other than CODE_n’s home base, do you think of it as a booming scene for startups? No? Well, you might as well reconsider this since Stuttgart is becoming more and more of an insider tip for starting businesses. Yes, you heard right. This German city is capable of so much more than Maultaschen and Spätzle! Today we discover the strengths, weaknesses and special powers of Stuttgart as a tech startup hub!


Lisa Flieg

Recap of The Art of Guidance event held on February 21, 2017 – CODE_n talks about the complexity of leading corporations and startups

A highly insightful panel discussion, two inspiring talks from the different worlds of corporate life and startups, plus an audience which just kept digging deeper. These were just some of the highlights of the CODE_n event held on February 21, 2017 at CODE_n SPACES: The Art of Guidance – The Complexity of Leading Corporations and Startups


Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Celebrating one year CODE_n SPACES – opening of 14 new offices planned for January 2017

Some of you celebrated with us last week – it’s been one year since the opening of our CODE_n SPACES. And the first 12 months proved: space to do some serious digital pioneering is rare and sought after! That’s why GFT decided to extend the CODE_n SPACES innovation campus by setting up 14 further offices in the building right next door.

img_9971At CODE_n, the world never stands still. One year CODE_n SPACES confirmed just that. It was a year in which the CODE_n team, digital startups, innovation teams of international companies and managers with entrepreneurial experience moved and settled in. A year in which all of these residents enjoyed the value of a dynamic, lively network and quite a few good parties, just like the one for our first birthday.

And we’re moving further along: so far being integrated into the new GFT Corporate Center, the CODE_n SPACES are now being extended into the neighbouring building, adding a combined total floor area of 10,000 sq meters in January 2017. Located in Stuttgart’s Fasanenhof, the SPACES couldn’t be positioned any better: near the airport, near the highway, the underground right outside the door taking you directly to the city center.

“We were among the first residents in the building and having offices just a stone’s throw from the airport has done wonders for our image. The offices at CODE_n are the ideal complement to our main office in Ulm, which is where our senior managers and IT experts work,” states Dr. Helmut Mahler, former CIO of a major automotive company and founder of the cyber-security firm Code White.

Why should my startup move in?

Being a resident at the CODE_n SPACES means becoming a part of a complete ecosystem. Industrial partners, mentors, universities and other startups all belong to our worldwide CODE_n network. Access to extensive resources, a helping hand and a shoulder to rub with are factors that are given at any time. Where else would you find networking opportunities and valuable know-how so easily? More…

Philipp Renger

Startups and medium-sized businesses are joining forces on a very local level

This Wednesday, GFT hosted another CODE_n EVENT in cooperation with HiTURS – a project initiated by the economic development agency Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart (WRS) – to foster exchange among pioneers and give them a stage for showcasing their groundbreaking ideas. The goal of this event, which was called “Startups meet Mittelstand” was to bring together startups and companies on a local level in order to initiate strategic partnerships in production, sales or marketing. Furthermore, it’s a place to talk about collaboration and leveraging synergy.

Dr. Andreas Chatzis opened the event with a short introduction to WRS and their HiTURS project, followed by Felix Jansen who provided an insight into the CODE_n “ecosystem” with its latest initiative CODE_n SPACES. A perfect start for the event since both projects are pursuing the same goal: to drive partnerships and cooperation, and to create synergies between businesses and startups in Baden-Württemberg.

The rationale of this goal was the topic of a panel discussion between Dr. Carolin Tolksdorf, Eleftherios Hatziioannou (co-founder of smoope GmbH), Felix Jansen (Head of External Communication at GFT Technologies AG), Dr. Andreas Chatzis (WRS) and Holger Haussmann (COO at Conceptboard GmbH) (from the left).

HiTURS Panel


Felix Jansen

CODE_n SPACES for Future Mobility in Stuttgart – Innovation Campus for Startups and Digital Pioneers

It’s the start of something completely new in the Stuttgart: CODE_n SPACES, an arena specially dedicated to innovation at the GFT Group’s new corporate center. Measuring 2,000 sq m, the arena gives startups, innovation teams at established companies, and creative thinkers all the space they need to dive into the task at hand and define the shape of things to come. On board since its inception: EnBW, closely involved as a strategic partner of the CODE_n innovation platform. The focal topic: Future Mobility.

GFT Corporate Center

CODE_n SPACES: a place to explore creativity without limitation

“The first question we posed was, ‘What, aside from a brilliant business concept, do young and established firms need to be innovative and successful and to be part of the transition into a digital society?’ The answer was patently obvious: a place for both parties to explore their creativity without limitation; to collaborate and network with universities, international businesses and investors. This fired the starting shot for our very own innovation ecosystem, CODE_n SPACES,” states Ulrich Dietz.

The founder and CEO of the GFT Group already got the ball rolling for CODE_n in 2011. Every year since then, the international startup contest, which awards a prize of €30,000, has been hitting the headlines at CeBIT, the world’s biggest IT trade show. And all for the right reasons: The initiative has become a mecca for digital pioneers worldwide. Following in the footsteps of the online platform CODE_n CONNECT, which the GFT Group only recently catapulted from the launch pad, CODE_n SPACES now becomes the next extension to the initiative.