Lisa Flieg

Corporate-Startup-Collaboration: “When worlds collide”

More and more companies are partnering with startups when dealing with the subjects of digitalization and open innovation. But what would a successful collaboration between established companies and “young guns” really look like? How can they work together to conquer new markets, drive innovation and then effectively integrate it back into the company? And last but not least: How can startups then profit from such an alliance? CODE_n takes a look behind the curtain and has spoken with various players – stay tuned for some feedback from a large corporation, a startup as well as a program that brings both of them together. As an additional highlight, we will also be following up on this exciting topic with a thematically-related event on June 22nd in CODE_n SPACES: Get excited about exclusive looks at a successful player in lessons learned, along with challenges and cultural differences of real corporate/startup collaborations!


Lena Gaede

How to put together a successful innovation team: the 5 key personality types you need

Ever seen a good movie with a cast composed of a variation of one and the same character actors? No? Course you haven’t. To create a perfect interplay between all the personalities, you need a well-harmonized ensemble with characters who balance each other out. Creating the perfect movie cast is somehow like forming a successful innovation team. What are the key personality types you need in order to making your movie – uh, business team – work out? CODE_n puts itself into the role of a director and presents 5 key personalities you need for a groundbreaking innovation team.