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Finalist | IS Predict (Germany) – Democratizing predictive analytics

IS_Predict_rotOur CODE_n15 finalist IS Predict from Saarbrücken, Germany, developed Resource Intelligence, a self-learning analysis and prediction solution which offers predictive recommendations for daily operations. It can even automatically control processes with complex process or data structures. In our short Q&A, Britta Hilt, co-founder of IS Predict, tells us more about the business records of her startup and the dynamic simulation methods that can discover hidden optimization potentials.

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Where did your idea for the company come from?

Britta Hilt (IS Predict): Richard, also co-founder & MD, and I worked in a world-leading company for business process optimization, IDS Scheer – ARIS Division. We felt that more benefit can be gained to increase the efficiency of resources, whether man, machinery or energy, if you know what will happen. And if you avoid inefficiencies – before they happen. In our old job, we were used to analyzing past data and designing new processes. We felt that predictive analytics and predictive control could put process optimization to a new level. So we built a concept for such a software solution and even developed the first prototype – all done in the evening or at weekends. Then, we started to check “outside” if our ideas were realistic: We took days off and presented our ideas to local companies. In those discussions, we noticed that processes are never fixed, that influencing factors change again and again. So we worked on a concept for a self-learning predictive analytics and predictive control solution. And that is where it all started with our Resource Intelligence – we set up our own company, now 4 years ago, got first orders and grew in several dimensions: more powerful solutions, more staff, more exciting projects with well-known companies like Siemens, BASF, SAP, EnBW, LG,…! More…

Dirk Baranek

ROBOCHOP – the CODE_n15 installation

Hall 16 of this year’s CeBIT will be dedicated completely to CODE_n and the topic “Into the Internet of Things”. To visualize this theme, an interactive installation ROBOCHOP, created by renowned Munich designers Kram / Weisshaar, will be part of the exhibition. ROBOCHOP is composed of 4 industrial robots which slice objects out of cubes. These objects are designed via web app by internet users worldwide. The cubes will be produced on location, packed and sent to the users at no cost.


Photo by Matthias Ziegler

What is ROBOCHOP? ROBOCHOP is the central, interactive installation of CODE_n15 in hall 16 of CeBIT.

ROBOCHOP is an interactive robotic installation by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram commissioned by GFT on the occasion of CODE_n supported by CeBIT, EY, Salesforce, Accenture, EnBW, TRUMPF and KUKA

ROBOCHOP uses the communication process of the Internet of Things and especially one of the central ideas of the “industry 4.0″ concept: consumers can develop their products themselves and communicate directly with the producing machines. Utilizing a web app, users manipulate the raw material – a cube measuring 40 x 40 x 40 cm – to create an individual object. The finished product is then packed and shipped to the user. ROBOCHOP is expected to produce up to 2,000 objects from these cubes during CeBIT.


Dirk Baranek

Finalist | LEAPIN Digital Keys (Australia) – smart lock opening

In preparation for the CODE_n CONTEST at CeBIT (16-20 March 2015) we’re presenting all finalists with a small Q&A here in our blog. We’re starting with LEAPIN Digital Keys, a professional worldwide partner for smartlock solutions, digital keys, smartphone self check-in, web check-in and completely automated asset management/guest management software. For more information visit and

Where did your idea for the company come from?

The idea was born out of the frustrations of managing the access rights for staff, volunteers, and community members to government assets. Co-founder Steve Dunn was an Asset Manager in local governments in Australia and it was impossible to manage time-sensitive access to government assets with metal keys for hundreds of properties and thousands of users on a daily basis. Keycard systems were not a solution as they were too expensive, and required the installation of onsite network infrastructure such as onsite power/onsite servers/onsite staff etc.


Domenique Becker

We present CODE_n15 Top 50 Finalists from 17 countries

Mission accomplished: Out of 400 startups from all over the world, 50 are now finalists of this years CODE_n CONTEST “Into the Internet of Things”. From March 16-20, those handpicked young entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative Digital Life, Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0 solutions as part of our CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT.

Selected by looking at criteria such as degree of innovation, quality of business case, quality of presentation or technological innovation, all 50 finalists have five days to connect with one another and to showcase their idea and business models to visitors, potential partners, investors and customers.

“In some cases you actually find yourself saying ‘I should have thought of that myself’. But in every single case, the dedication, technical expertise and vision displayed by our finalists to implement their ideas is truly impressive.”

says Ulrich Dietz, CEO of the GFT Group and Initiator of CODE_n

Curtain up for the 50 CODE_n15 finalists from 17 countries:

Digital Life


aisoy quadrat


aisoy builds a revolutionary emotional robotic mentor for kids. Friendly, helpful, intelligent and connected, aisoy enhances creativity through discovery combined with a new class of personal robotic platform for an innovative educational concept.

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ambiotex quadrat


ambiotex produces a smart sensor shirt for health conscious individuals, who have the desire to analyze their vital data and to improve their performance. The shirt combines fitness monitoring technology with state of the art textiles to obtain an innovative high-tech shirt which measures data such as heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, training performance and stress levels.

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Connected Health builds a secure connection between doctors and patients.
Our product LifeTime allows patients to transfer health data be it medical history or data acquired by wearable tech devices in the doctor’s office locally & securely from and to their smartphones.

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cozify quadrat

Cozify Oy

Cozify is an easy and intelligent service to simplify the use of smart devices at home. The goal is to bring home automation to everyone. Cozify hub easily automates smart devices across different manufacturer specific silos.

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Lena Gaede

CODE_n15: The Next Level Is Starting Now!

Two pieces of very good news:

  • The application phase for CODE_n15 kicks off today.
  • Today marks the launch of CODE_n CONNECT, the digital innovation platform for startups and companies.

CODE_n15: Into The Internet of Things
In March 2015, it begins all over again: 50 selected startups from all over the world will be showcasing their ideas and business models to the audience at CeBIT. The venue this year is Hall 16 at the world’s largest IT fair, which offers a spectacular interpretation of this year’s key theme based on the plans by Munich design agency Kram/Weisshaar.
The theme of CODE_n15 is reported to be “Into The Internet of Things” – divided up into the sectors DIGITAL LIFE, SMART CITY, FUTURE MOBILITY and INDUSTRY 4.0.

We want you!
Over the next few weeks, it will be decided which startups will be showcasing their products and services on their own exhibition space in the CODE_n Hall and competing for the Euro 30,000 prize. The application phase starts today!

Here are the conditions:
The CODE_n Contest is open to startups which:

  • Offer a product or service for the Internet of Things
  • Were founded after 2009

The application must be submitted online, here.

What happens next?
We’ve depicted the timeline for the CODE_n Contest in an information graphic.

Timeline CODE_n15 CONTEST

I’m a startup. What do I get out of it?
The 50 finalists in the CODE_n Contest can look forward to an exciting week brim full of professional meetings and possibly crucial stimulus for the long-term future. Here are the details:

  • You own free, furnished exhibition area in the CODE_n Hall at CeBIT (March 16th – 20th 2015, Hanover)
  • Presentation in the context of the conference program
  • All of the benefits of being a CeBIT exhibitor (CODE_n press coverage, guest tickets, online profile etc.)
  • Network with industry decision makers, investors, government officials, and other leading minds in the field of data from all over the world
  • Opportunity to win the CODE_n Award which has a prize fund of Euro 30,000. The CODE_n judges, who are renowned experts and figures from the industry, will decide the winner.

CODE_n CONNECT: Get connected!
We’re also raising CODE_n to the next level. CODE_n is much more than a contest for startups.
CODE_n is a global innovation platform.
CODE_n is a global network.
CODE_n CONNECT will be turning this claim into reality. At CODE_n CONNECT, startups and established companies can meet.
Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group explains the concept:

“Startups bring dynamism, courage and new stimulus to the relationship of innovation. The established companies bring expertise, financial backing and professional structures designed to scale business ideas. All of this remains dry theory, however, if they do not learn from each other. And this is precisely where CODE_n CONNECT comes in. It’s CODE_n thought through to the logical next stage.”

And now over to you …
Register for CODE_n CONNECT here.


Lena Gaede

CODE_n delves ‘Into the Internet of Things’

Robotic Media Installation at CeBIT makes manifest Industry 4.0

The theme of this year’s CODE_n Contest is the Internet of Things (IoT), a nascent, future-facing development of the Internet wherein objects and systems are embedded with computing power and are able to communicate with each other. The contest seeks the most exciting founders and companies whose endeavors are leading the charge of this global, technological phenomenon. The 50 finalists will exhibit their leading-edge business cases in the 5,000 square meter space of Hall 16 during the CeBIT fair in Hanover, Germany.

The Internet of Things describes the ever-increasing networking capabilities of machines of all scales – from quotidian objects and wearable devices to vehicles, entire factories and cityscapes. Organized around the respective sub-themes DIGITAL LIFE, SMART CITY, FUTURE MOBILITY and INDUSTRY 4.0, both the CODE_n competition and subsequent exhibition at the CeBIT Fair will address this widespread digitalization of the physical world.While recent data suggests that 17% of the world’s software developers are working on IoT projects, the competition is set to showcase the most exciting and important proposals for maximizing the potential of the Internet of Things.

“We pick up where Big Data left off: with a globally relevant theme that is massively shifting the fields of economics and science,” proclaims Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group.

“The Internet of Things is pushing companies to fundamentally rethink the way they do business. Groundbreaking ideas from the highly energetic startup scene are essential to take this vast, interconnected network to the next level and unlock possibilities yet unseen in the Internet of Things.”

Internationally renowned designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram have been commissioned to design the CODE_n exhibition, housed in the monumental space of CeBIT’s Hall 16. For the Hall’s design, the Internet of Things will be materialized as a series of interconnected objects and booths suspended in a web of scaffolding. Visitors will be able to traverse floating hallways and platforms populated with the latest and most innovative developments in the IoT.

The exhibition space will be anchored with an interactive robotic media installation entitled ROBOCHOP which invites internet users from across the world as well as fair attendees to design and fabricate a piece of furniture in real time. Weisshaar and Kram will develop an app that allows the global community to engage with the giant robotic arms sculpt material in situ.

“With ROBOCHOP, we are actualizing and personalizing the Industrial Internet. The often intangible web of technology becomes a concrete, interactive experience that nonetheless remains a taste of a not-so-distant future,”

proclaims Weisshaar. “The exhibition architecture parallels this condition by galvanizing the dialogue between new-guard company founders and industry titans.”

This very approach finds its digital counterpart in form of CODE_n CONNECT, a platform dedicated to creating a sustainable exchange between entrepreneurs, SMEs, established industrial powerhouses and investors.

Oliver Frese, Head of CeBIT at Deutsche Messe AG, says,

“the home of CODE_n, Hall 16, will once again be the center of fresh, exciting business cases at CeBIT.”


Call for Entries for the Innovation Contest starts in September

Startups that want to participate in the CODE_n Contest can register via as of early September 2014. Eligibility standards include: companies founded in 2010 or later and whose business model leverages the Internet of Things. Deadline is November 30, 2014.

The 50 finalists will receive a free exhibition space in Hall 16 as well as a permanent presence on the digital platform CODE_n CONNECT. The winner will receive the CODE_n Award and a grand prize of €30,000.

For more information, please visit:

Click here for the full press release.