Filiz Sarah Gärtner

CODE_n Hall 16 at CeBIT: Smart ideas and high spirits on day two

The second day in CODE_n hall 16 at CeBIT, the international tradefair in Hanover, Germany, started out with an upbeat mood: 50 finalists from all around the globe, partners, politicans and CODE_n alumnis had been celebrating at the pioneer’s dinner the night before, letting the opening day of the exhibition come to a bright and relaxing end. It’s not everday you dine in a specially designed hall – in front of robots – together with good company and there was reason to celebrate, too: antendances at the fair, especially in hall 16, were good; quite a few startups were surprised by the amount of contacts they were able to count even on day one.


So the positive spirit was brought to day two, which revolves around all of the four CODE_n 15 Internet of Things topics Digital Life, Smart Cities, Future Mobility and Industry 4.0, with an emphasis on the last of the four themes. The conference program, for example, started out with a stage dialog with CODE_n partner Trumpf, Engel Austria and finalists Oden Technologies from the United Kingdom, looking at machine building going cloud. The conclusion, by the way, was that machine building companies seem to be waking up. In the afternoon, Accenture presented the Industry 4.0 topic from a different point of view, tapping the full potential of future manufacturing, iniviting the following speakers on stage: Frank Riemensperger, Senior Managing Director, Accenture DACH, Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, President of acatech, Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Board of Siemens AG, Dirk Hoke of CEO Business Unit Large Drives of Siemens AG, Marten Schirge, Head of Sales of Device Insight, Harald Zapp, CEO of relayr.

Get Started by BITKOM brought in Felix Bauer, CEO of aircloak, to talk about the security and privacy in the Internet of Things, Nick Sohnemann, Founder and Managing Director of FUTURECANDY talked about the next technology wave. Marten Schirge, Head of Sales of Device Insight invited his listenors to think big, even if starting small and explained how business can benefit from smart remote services within industry 4.0. More…

Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Raising expectations: CODE_n Hall 16 at CeBIT ’15

This morning, doors opened at the world’s largest trade fair for IT & Digital Business: CeBIT 2015 in Hanover. For CODE_n, the week began on Sunday already and it started quite promising: the press conference with the CODE_n partners Trumpf, Accenture, EY and Salesforce was very well-attended; the ROBOCHOP installation got lots of attention even before the doors officially opened. This morning, the last of the CODE_n finalists arrived and adorned their boots. First impression? The next five days are set out to be quite spectacular! Let’s have a look at what is yet to come.

16613543577_cb7247a6fa_o (1)

To start with an overall proposition: Digitization is everywhere, not just in hall 16. During the opening event, China – the partner country of this year’s CeBIT – presented itself as IT-site. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, for example, introduced a system for online payment. The main topics throughout the whole exhibition are Big Data & Cloud, Digital Transformation, IoT, Mobile, Security and Social Business.

GFT as initiator and CODE_n as innovative platform for startups and established corporations have identified where the trend is headed: Going back to hall 16, it can be said that the pivot of the digital avant-garde is here and it’s massively impressive. The 50 finalists, the partners, the hall design itself – it all revolves around one topic: Into the Internet of Things.

Philipp Renger

Interview with Annica Hansen – moderator at CODE_n conference

Annica-Hansen_PressefotoAnnica Hansen works as reporter and moderator for german TV stations since years. With appearances in well known shows produced by german TV star Stefan Raab she got popular for a broader audience. Annica is born in Duisburg (Ruhr district) and is living in Cologne right now. She will be a moderator at the CODE_n conference and we asked her about her affinity to the online world and the internet of things.

You’ve got a twitter channel, you’ve got a Facebook fan page, you’re active on Instagram and you’ve also now got a YouTube channel, where you publish videos twice a week. How has all that happened? What’s your motivation for it?

Annica Hansen: I think the whole subject of social media incredibly exciting. When Facebook came up, I registered a private account to begin with. I operate my fan page as part of my job, and that’s simply part of it now. I very quickly fell in love with it and I’ve been maintaining the page for five years now. To begin with, I focused on my Facebook page, but then at some point I got into twitter and Instagram too and now I’m also active on YouTube. Unlike watching TV, I’m able to contact my fan base and community directly through these channels.

Many people leave their fan pages and the work involved looking after them to their agency. I’m always being asked whether I actually do all the work myself. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it’s great fun.


Dirk Baranek

CODE_n press events CeBIT Hall 16

media invitationHere’s a chronological list of press activities of the innovation initiative CODE_n and partners at CeBIT 2015. To registrate send an e-mail to

Saturday | 03/14/2015 | 3.30 pm | CODE_n Hall 16 Stage
Elevator Pitch with CODE_n15 finalists
The following CODE_n finalists will present their startups in an elevator pitch. They will get 5 minutes to explain their ideas and business concepts.

  • Cozify, CODE_n finalist
  • Ulu, CODE_n finalist
  • Connected-health, CODE_n finalist
  • Parkpocket, CODE_n finalist
  • KIWI.KI, CODE_n finalist
  • Insulin Angel, CODE_n finalist
  • LEAPIN Digital Keys, CODE_n finalist
  • Vayu Sense, CODE_n finalist
  • idatase, CODE_n finalist
  • ParkTAG, CODE_n finalist

Sunday | 03/15/2015 | 2.30 pm – CODE_n Hall 16 Stage
CODE_n Press conference: “Is the Stage advantage already gone? Germany and Europe on the way to the Industry 4.0.”

  • Ulrich Dietz, Initiator of CODE_n, CEO GFT Technologies
  • Frank Riemensperger, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Germany
  • Dr.-Ing. E.h. Peter Leibinger, Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board of TRUMPF GmbH + Co.KG
  • Georg Graf Waldersee, Managing Partner of EY Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA)
  • Clemens Weisshaar, Designer


Philipp Renger

CODE_n CONFERENCE: Interview with moderator Armin Eichhorn

Armin EichhornArmin Eichhorn is an entrepreneur with a passion. After spending a number of years with international companies, the management strategy expert now focuses entirely on founding and supporting start-ups. On Thursday and Friday, he will be acting as moderator, guiding visitors through the CODE_n conference at CeBIT. We spoke to Armin Eichhorn about his affinity with start-ups.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into start-ups in recent years. And this experience prompted you at one point to come up with four principles. One of these is “Experience, not things”. But at CODE_n, it’s about the very opposite: things. How does this fit with your role as moderator at the CODE_n conference program?

Armin Eichhorn: I’ve developed my four principles over time. They act as guidelines that guide me when I’m facing a decision where I’m not intuitively sure about what to do. My principle of “Experience, not things” is based on the fact that I want lots of experience rather than many things around me. And I believe that this can be transferred quite nicely to the “Internet of Things”.


Dirk Baranek

CODE_n CONFERENCE IV: Designing Industry 4.0

Downloadbild_Code_n15_Program The CODE_n CONFERENCE to be held in Hall 16 at the upcoming CeBIT is huge – featuring more than 50 slots and 100+ speakers. This year’s CODE_n is running under the motto: “Into the Internet of Things,” and spans the four categories Industry 4.0., Digital Life, Future Mobility, and Smart City. To give visitors a more focused view on this, here are a few highlights from the category “Industry 4.0,” to be presented at the CONFERENCE.

Stage_Dialog_02Machine Building Goes Cloud: Top or Flop?
Tuesday | 17.03.2015 | 10:00 – 10:20 | Stage Dialogue
Dr. Stephan Fischer, Head of Software Development, TRUMPF
Dr. Gerhard Dimmler, Head of Product Research and Development, Engel Austria
Oden Technologies
For almost a decade, implementing CRM and ERP in the cloud has increasingly become the norm. Today, many companies put their sensitive business-related data in cloud-based systems, irrespective of the company’s size. For some years now, this trend has been extending its reach into other industries as well, driving the digitization of whole industries. This panel will discuss trends in cloud computing which will transform the industry of mechanical engineering. We will look into the requirements which must be fulfilled to establish cloud-based operations in this industry, both from the perspectives of traditional machine makers such as TRUMPF and Engel, as well as from the perspective of software companies like Oden Technologies. We will discuss obstacles and opportunities which come along with the digitization of this classical industry and focus on the success factors needed to achieve a breakthrough for cloud processing in machine engineering.

Expert KeynoteSmart Service Welt Manufacturing – Use Cases & Business Models
Tuesday | 17.03.2015 | 15:40 – 16:00 | Expert Keynote
Dirk Hoke, CEO Large Drives, Siemens AG, holds a degree in mechanical engineering and started his career as an R&D Engineer at Renault, Paris. In 1996, he joined Siemens Transportations Systems where he held various positions. In 2002, Hoke became general manager for the Transrapid Propulsion and Power Supply subdivision; in 2008, CEO of the Siemens Cluster for Western & Central Africa; and in mid-2009, CEO of the Siemens Cluster for Africa. From CEO of the Siemens Customer Services Division (2011), he peaked to his present position in 2014.



Dirk Baranek

CODE_n CONFERENCE III: Moving Future Mobility

Downloadbild_Code_n15_Program The CODE_n CONFERENCE to be held in Hall 16 at the upcoming CeBIT is huge – featuring more than 50 slots and 100+ speakers. This year’s CODE_n is running under the motto: “Into the Internet of Things,” and spans the four categories Industry 4.0., Digital Life, Future Mobility, and Smart City. To give visitors a more focused view on this, here are a few highlights from the category “Future Mobility,” to be presented at the CONFERENCE.

Expert KeynoteChanging Mobility: Approach and Cooperations with Continental
Monday | 16.03.2015 | 14:30 – 14:50 | Expert Keynote
Werner Köstler, Head of Strategy and Transactions Division Interior, Continental. Werner holds the position as Senior Vice President within the Continental Interior Division. As Head of Strategy & Transactions for Interior Electronics Solutions, his field of responsibility covers topics such as strategic planning, partnership management, and joint ventures.

Expert KeynoteOn the Move – Smart Mobility and Logistics
Wednesday | 18.03.2015 | 12:30 – 12:50 | Expert Keynote
Starting with visionary F. Rinderknecht and team Rinspeed we develop a view on the future of the car, and then follow this up with a broader outlook on integrated transportation and logistics systems. For a smarter world of mobility and transportation.

  • Peter Fuss, Senior Advisory Partner Automotive GSA, EY

  • Frank Rinderknecht, Car Visionary and Founder, Rinspeed Inc.
Dr.Rainer Scholz, Executive Director Mobility Innovation Group GSA, EY Advisory



Dirk Baranek

CODE_n CONFERENCE I: How to Shape and Develop Smart Cities

Downloadbild_Code_n15_Program The CODE_n CONFERENCE to be held in Hall 16 at the upcoming CeBIT is huge – featuring more than 50 slots and 100+ speakers. This year’s CODE_n is running under the motto: “Into the Internet of Things,” and spans the four categories Industry 4.0., Digital Life, Future Mobility, and Smart City. To give visitors a more focused view on this, here are a few highlights from the category “Smart City,” to be presented at the CONFERENCE.

Expert KeynoteGet Connected: Shaping the Energy Revolution
Thursday | 19.03.2015 | 13:10 – 13:30 | Expert Keynote
“Get Connected” is the motto with which Dr. Henning Krüger invites us to discuss the role of IT within the energy revolution. Dr. Henning Krüger is responsible for IT at the German utility provider EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. The IT used by energy suppliers to date has been rather reserved, bureaucratic and slow – making it less mobile, less customer-focused, and less open to new business ideas. We invite you to talk about shaping the energy revolution together. We want to listen, discuss, and learn – get connected!

Expert KeynoteThe Smart City of Amsterdam
Friday | 20.03.2015 | 11:15 – 11:35 | Expert Keynote
Ger Baron, CTO for the city of Amsterdam, is probably one of the best people to talk to when it comes to smart cities. He will share insights into his own smart city, the smart city of Amsterdam. More…