Lena Gaede

Boost innovative thinking in your company: how your brain comes up with new ideas – and how you can train it!

What does every business need to be successful? Great ideas! And where do ideas come from? Your brain! Because your mind is capable of something unique: being creative. This ability is the root and the driving force of every startup or agile business. Today the innovative strength of companies is a major success factor – and therefore their employees or rather their creative brains are the most valuable assets. To improve this creative power let us go to the birthplace of innovation: how does the brain come up with new ideas and how can you train it to do so?

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Filiz Sarah Gärtner

The 4 craziest digital startup ideas – that became incredibly successful!

You may have heard the saying “so crazy it just might work.” Truth is: for many startup ideas, this is absolutely the case. If you feel you have a groundbreaking idea but are misunderstood and underestimated by investors – or if you are an investor trying to evaluate an unusual startup idea, we got something for you! We all know the high-flyer success stories of Facebook, Google or Uber. But there are more! Get inspired by the 4 craziest digital startup ideas that became surprisingly successful!



Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Insider tips for accelerators, incubators & VCs – 7 questions to know if a startup invest will be successful

There you are, listening to a startup pitch, considering to give them money. A lot of money. The main question in your head: will this startup be successful? Before you invest, you want to be as sure as possible this company will thrive. Therefore, you should spot those crucial points that will tell you about the startup’s prospects of success. But how to get to the key facts? We share some effective questions for accelerators, incubators and VCs to screen a startup – and for startups to prepare themselves for them. Let the interviews begin!



Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Motivation hacks for business: 5 bullet-proof tips to boost your motivation!

Yes we can! Just do it! When you are sitting at your desk without traction, this is what Barack Obama and Shia LaBeouf would probably tell you. To boost your motivation, you can either play their videos in an infinite loop in your office – or become your own motivation master! Because tackling big challenges and pushing through laborious projects can be easy if you know the right motivation hacks. Read on for 5 bullet-proof motivation tips every entrepreneur should know!



Filiz Sarah Gärtner

7 tips for the perfect startup pitch – put the icing on the cake of your pitch and convince every investor!

The fact that you are reading this shows it: you know the importance of a good pitch! In the world of digital startups, it can easily be the difference between millions of dollars and not a single one. But you might also know: there are as many tips on perfect startup pitches as people who once did one. We want to help you find out the right ingredients for your pitch to convince every investor. Read on for the most crucial tips for your cake base plus those small but very important things that put the icing on the cake of your pitch!



Filiz Sarah Gärtner

Your working environment can boost productivity and creativity! Lessons from Google and Facebook

First they revolutionized the way we work, now they change the spaces we work in. Leading tech companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon completely transform our work life at the Their working environments are urban legends: something between a theme park and incubator for digital pioneers. Either way it sounds like a lot of fun! Which is great, as the happiness of employees is proven to increase productivity by 31% and creativity by a factor of three. Enough reasons to further investigate the perfect office surrounding. What does the perfect working environment look like?



Filiz Sarah Gärtner

The 5 types of startup founders we all know – and value!

Maybe you are involved with a startup founder every now and then. Don’t you feel they are pretty special people? Most of them are full of courage, determination and ideas. But they couldn’t be more different from each other! To help you see through the founder’s jungle and deal with the various kinds of personalities, we set up a typology of founders. All these types are commonly found in the wild and we are sure you know most of them – or maybe even are one of them? We took a closer look at their lovable quirks and now present to you with a wink: the 5 types of startup founders!




The Network of Success – 7 Tips to forge a strong business network for your startup


A strong and dynamic network is the secret of many successful companies. Whether it is an enterprise, a mid-sized company or a startup, an extensive network assists with recruiting, client acquisition and – in the best case – funding.

One is not born as a networker; instead it is more some sort of an inner attitude, which enables a person to forge numerous new contacts. If you lack the attitude, you don’t have to be worried, like most other business-skills, you just need the right strategy and insides. Take the following tips by heart and harvest the advantages of an efficient business network:

1. Don’t let extraverts intimidate you
Extraverts go to an event and comeback with a stack of business cards and 3 coffee chats scheduled for next week. Don’t let them intimidate you. It is okay you only made one contact.

2. Showing your face matters
When you go to events and could not speak with anyone, you may feel like going to events are time consuming, torturous, and useless. But remember, showing your face matters. Just give yourself these simple goals and feel good about it.

3. Choose your game
There are gazillions of startup related events happening everyday all over Europe. You can’t attend them all – impossible. Only choose the ones you are really interested in. If you are a business person, don’t auto-mute technical events. For example, if you are interested in the Analytics space, you might want to attend Data Science meetup. Yes, the majority of attendees will be developers. Yes, you will be likely to see a slide with lines of code that you can’t understand; but there is much more you can gain. Even simply knowing those technology exist gives you a better understanding of the market. If someone asks you “why are you here?” just tell them “I am interested in this subject and simply want to educate myself”. As easy as pie! More…