Mark van Rijmenam

Three Innovative Ways How Big Data Will Improve the Healthcare Industry

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the and guest blogger for CODE_n

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the and guest blogger for CODE_n

The healthcare is rapidly becoming another digitized industry that will generate vast amounts of data that can be analysed. Taking into account that a fully sequenced human genome accounts for 100 gigabyte of raw data, it may be clear that the healthcare industry will generate vast amounts of data in the coming years. All that data can be analysed to create tailored medicines, improve treatments as well as reduce fraudulent behaviours. According to PWC, fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive behaviours account for an estimated one-third of the $2.2 trillion spent on healthcare in the US each year, so there is a lot to win with big data.

Personalized medicines and treatments          

Sequencing human genomes and DNA has become very cheap and fast today. In 2013 the sequencing of a human genome, including analysing and interpreting it cost only $ 5.000. More…

Janina Benz

Ralf Werneth (Blue Yonder): “with predictive analytics collected data becomes meaningful”

In today’s interview, we are talking to Ralf Werneth, Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder. The company was founded in 2008 and has become the leading software provider for predictive analytics in Europe.

Ralf Werneth - Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder

Ralf Werneth – Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder

Janina Benz: Could you briefly tell us what exactly “predictive analytics” means and about the software’s origins in the field of elementary particle physics? 

Ralf Werneth: Predictive analytics means generating substantiated prognoses on a range of issues, such as item turnover, customer behavior or risk management. For this, we have to use a company’s existing big data, or historical data. Depending on the topic at hand, these data can also be combined with external factors like the weather, for example. The “forecasts” are then generated in real time and can be implemented in any areas – all to the company’s advantage.

Our solution is based on knowledge from elementary particle physics, and our Blue Yonder development team is composed of physicists and computer scientists from renowned research institutes like CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Physics). In fact, CERN particle accelerators analyze petabyte range data in seconds using software from Blue Yonder. As a machine learning solution, the Blue Yonder Predictive Analytics Suite can determine complete probability distributions. As such, the prognosis quality is far superior to that of conventional methods. More…

Mark van Rijmenam

Big data will revolutionize learning

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the

Mark van Rijmenam is the founder of, one of the most popular big data knowledge platforms. He is an entrepreneur, speaker and advises organisations on developing their big data strategy. As a regular guest blogger on the CODE_n blog Mark will share his thoughts on the upcoming opportunities with big data volumes.

New technologies allow schools, colleges and universities to analyse absolutely everything that happens. From student behaviour, testing results, careers developments of students as well as educational needs based on changing societies. A lot of these data has already been stored and is used for statistical analysis by government agencies such as the National Center for Educational Statistics. With the rise of more and more online education and the development of MOOC’s all the data gets a completely new meaning. Big data allows very exciting changes in the educational field that will revolutionize the way students learn and teachers teach.  More…

Janina Benz

Marco Voigts: “Strike out on a new path to get attention”

Marco Voigt Code N InterviewMarco Voigt is co-founder of PIN AG and one of the initiators of the GreenTec Awards, the best-known environmental award in Germany. For many years he worked as a consultant for the EU in the Ministries of Economics, of Environment, and of Science, and coordinated several support programs in the field of environmental technologies and electromobility. At the moment, though, he is focused on anchoring clean technologies in German industries. Additionally, he is managing partner at VKP Consulting and partner of Deutsche Messe AG for Business Development, responsible for the international trade fair IndustrialGreenTec.

Janina Benz: Could you tell us about the GreenTec Awards (formerly Clean Tech Awards)?

Marco Voigts: The GreenTec Awards is an annual event presenting the newest advances in green technologies. Green technologies need strong ambassadors! The GreenTec Awards bridges the gap between entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, artists, media representatives, and consumers, thus raising awareness and boosting the popularity of the sustainable (r)evolution. Projects range from car-sharing concepts to recycled construction materials—any innovative project can be part of the competition. But the GreenTec Awards is much more than just that: we host a session for the jury, encourage people to vote for their favorite projects online, and carry out many other activities to raise awareness for a more sustainable life. One of the event’s highlights is an interactive exhibition that invites guests to experience environmental technologies firsthand. More…

Janina Benz

Matthias Lamberti: “There are very few things I would actually have done differently, apart from maybe publicly releasing the letter I sent to my bank at the time to cancel my contractual relationship. ;-)”

Matthias Lamberti is founder and manager of yavalu, a financial platform for effective asset management. The yavalu team also participated in the CODE_n contest and was selected by the jury as a top 10 finalist. We met Matthias for a face-to-face interview at the CODE_n headquarters in Stuttgart.

JB: Leaving a position as asset manager in a large corporation to start your own business was a big step to take. What inspired you to establish yavalu?

Matthias Lamberti (CEO yavalu)

ML: You’re right, it certainly was a big step – and absolutely the right decision. The financial industry is set to change dramatically in the next few years. With yavalu, we want to play an active part in shaping this change and in finally giving customers control over their finances and investments again. I worked for many years in risk and asset management myself, and in the end, I was incredibly disillusioned and disappointed in the poor quality of service provided and the prevailing practices in the industry. The longer I worked in the field, the more I became convinced that it was possible to consult people properly on financial matters; to help them understand the issues and charge fair prices, all with the aim of giving them control over their finances and investments. This was my motivation.


Michael Hehn

CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4

Who thought that after the award show the atmosphere would be less dynamic than on the days before was wrong. Punctual and in a good mood, though in some cases without having had enough sleep, the 50 finalists started their CeBIT day.

Later, the blogger tour organized by CeBIT and t3n visited hall 16. After some words of welcome by Andrea Wlcek the participants had the opportunity to visit some of the booths. We´re looking forward to read their posts!

Our last CODE_n party

And in the evening, it was party time again in the CODE_n Club – unfortunatelly for the last time. Accompanied by music and drinks, everybody was networking and – of course – celebrating. But also some melancholy was in the air, as the time to say good bye is getting closer.

What really made us happy yesterday: Amazing press coverage – for example by Germany´s national newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.
But the highlight came in the evening, when CODE_n made it to the main evening news on German TV.

Enjoy your remaining hours at CeBIT 2012!

*The FAZ is CODE_n media partner.Wer dachte, dass es am Tag nach der Awardnacht weniger dynamisch zugeht, hatte sich getäuscht: Pünktlich und gut gelaunt, wenn auch nicht in allen Fällen ausgeschlafen, gingen die 50 Finalisten wieder ans Werk. Und konnten sich über viele Besucher freuen.

Am Mittag enterte dann die Bloggertour von CeBIT und t3n die Halle 16. Nach einführenden Worten zum Projekt CODE_n durch Andrea Wlcek hatten die Teilnehmer dann die Möglichkeit, an einigen der Stände Gespräche zu führen. Wir sind schon gespannt auf die Beiträge.

Die letzte CODE_n-Party

Und am Abend hieß es dann zum letzten Mal: Party Time mit DJ im CODE_n Club. Bei Musik und Drinks wurden fleißig Kontakte geknüpft – und es wurde natürlich auch gefeiert. Aber ein wenig war auch Melancholie zu spüren, da der Abschied aus Hannover in greifbare Nähe gerückt ist.

Was uns gestern besonders gefreut hat: Tolle Berichte in der Presse – zum Beispiel in der FAZ* unter dem Titel “Die junge Garde der IT“.

Das Highlight war jedoch der Bericht des ZDF, der es sogar in die Hauptnachrichten um 19 schaffte. CODE_n ist ein riesiges Thema in den Medien.

Wir wünchen schöne restliche Stunden auf der CeBIT 2012!

*Die FAZ ist Medienpartner von CODE_n.

Janina Benz

CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 3 – And the winner is…CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 3 – And the winner is…

After six months of intensive preparation CODE_n yesterday reached its peak – the announcement of the CODE_n Award winner!

The last four CeBIT days just flew by. Also yesterday – time was just running between pitches, press interviews and the visit of Germany´s economic minister Philipp Rösler.

Directly after the trade fair ended for that day the highlight of the CeBIT week began. When all 50 finalists were asked to come on stage, the excitement was huge.

Moderator of the show was Khadra Sufi, who was guiding through the show with humorand charm, having fun on stage with Ulrich Dietz (GFT), Gerhard Müller (Ernst & Young) and Dr. Josef Reger (Fujitsu)
The tension was rising when the Top 10 were annonced: Orderbird, Transfluent, myTaxi, Synchronite, Corruption Trak, Arnega, Map My Story, Drive Now, Appear and Yavalu.

And then, THE moment was there: Although I already knew who the winner would be, I had goose bumps during the whole evening and was looking forward to see the final moment of the show. Gerhard Müller opened the envelope – “and the winner is… myTaxi”.

The myTaxi team was accompanied by thunderous applause when they entered the stage, looking really happy.

But as Johanna from our CODE_n team always says: “Everybody is a winner!”. The last five days with you were amazing – and even if there´s one CODE_n day left, we already like thinking back to the past days.
We cross our fingers for you and are sure, that you all will go your way.Nach sechs Monaten intensiver Vorbereitungszeit konnten wie uns gestern endlich auf den Höhepunkt freuen – die Bekanntgabe des CODE_n Award Gewinners.

Die letzten vier Messetage sind einfach nur an uns vorbeigeflogen. Auch der gestrige Tag verging im ereignisreichen Messealltag zwischen Pitches, Presseinterviews und dem Besuch von Philipp Rösler wieder in Windeseile.

Direkt nach Messeschluss um 18 Uhr begann dann der Höhepunkt der CeBIT-Woche: Als alle 50 Finalisten zur Begrüßung auf die Bühne gebeten wurde, war die Aufregung vor dem großen Moment spürbar.

Für die Moderation konnten wir Khadra Sufi gewinnen, die mit Charme und Witz durch die Show führte und auf der Bühne fröhlich mit Ulrich Dietz (GFT), Gerhard Müller (Ernst & Young) und Dr. Josef Reger (Fujitsu) scherzte. Dann wurde es richtig spannend: Zunächst wurden die Top 10 bekanntgegeben: Orderbird, Transfluent, myTaxi, Synchronite, Corruption Trak, Arnega, Map My Story, Drive Now, Appear und Yavalu.

Dann wurde es ernst: Obwohl ich schon wusste, wer der Gewinner sein würde, hatte ich eine Gänsehaut über die ganze Show hinweg und fieberte dem Finale entgegen. Im spannenden Moment öffnete Gerhard Müller den Umschlag – „And the winner is… myTaxi“

Tobender Applaus erfüllte die Halle; und dem myTaxi Team war die Freude auf der Bühne anzusehen.

Doch wie Johanna aus dem CODE_n Team immer zu sagen pflegt: „Ihr seid alle die Gewinner der Herzen!“ Es waren fünf unfassbare Tage mit euch – und selbst wenn CODE_n12 noch nicht ganz vorüber ist, denken wir schon jetzt gerne an die vergangenen Tage zurück. Wir drücken euch allen die Daumen und sind uns sicher, dass ihr alle euren Weg gehen werdet.

Janina Benz

CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 2CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 2

CODE_n was rocking today! While it was still quiet in the morning, after the first hours it got very crowded in hall 16.

Our finalists were very busy with presenting, pitching, networking and answering a lot of questions. Addionally we got published today with a blog post on the CeBIT blog, which contains a behind the scenes perspective on the CODE_n project.

Of course we were busy as well and were wandering from booth to booth and talked to all of our finalists and even interviewed some of them. We want to say thank you for your time, nice talks and the funny moments we had while recording the videos.

Below you can find the first two videos from Dundu and myTaxi abd the rest will follow tomorrow. We would have loved to interview all of you but the time space makes this immpossible, so for this reason we had to choose some of you randomly.

Heute ging es richtig rund auf der CeBIT und ganz besonders bei CODE_n. Am frühen Morgen war es noch ruhig. Langsam aber sicher trudelten dann aber immer mehr Menschen in die Halle, bis wir sogar die Presse Loungs kurzeitig räumen mussten- die vielen Messebesucher hatten es sich dort gemütlich gemacht.

Unsere Finalisten konnten sich vor Besucher gar nicht retten und wir freuen uns riesig über die zahlreichen Gespräche, welche wir fleißig beobachtet haben. Passend dazu wurde heute auch ein Blogbeitrag auf dem CeBIT Blog veröffentlicht, der einige Hintergrundinformationen zum CODE_n Projekt bereithält.

Natürlich waren wir auch noch fleißig und sind gestern und heute von Stand zu Stand gegangen und haben mit allen gesprochen sowie mit einigen ein paar Videointerviews geführt. Wir sagen nochmal vielen lieben Dank für eure Zeit und die vielen netten Gespräche und den einen oder anderen lustigen Moment.

Die Links zu den Interviews mit Dundu und myTaxi findet ihr hier und morgen folgen dann die restlichen Videos. Leider reicht die Zeit nicht um alle 50 Finalisten zu interviewen, deswegen haben wir und für einige wenige entschieden.