Pierre DeBois

Big data development startups can learn from the big enterprises

Pierre DeBois - founder of Zimana, a small business digital analytics consultancy

Pierre DeBois – founder of Zimana, a small business digital analytics consultancy

One trend that startups should pay attentions to is how long established firms in other industry verticals are leveraging expertise. Startups can learn from industry leaders who have seen unique implementation challenges and solutions.

I wrote about one example in an All Analytics post on Sears. For a number of years, Wall Street analysts questioned the value of Sears. Its stores were considered out of step with the digitalization of the consumer retail experience. Even the value of store locations was questioned because many of them were in malls with declining retail traffic. But Sears had been developing its operations efficiency through using Hadoop, an open source noSQL database.

The result of Sears’ dabbling in the database lead to the launch of Metascale, a consultation subsidiary that helps other retailers improve their Hadoop implementation and administration. Time will tell if Metascale changes Sears’ image with Wall Street analysts, but the subsidiary introduced a revolutionary business model for retailers – The concept of consulting based on their industry experience. This is not a sole example. Think Amazon and how it scaled its warehouse operations and databases and you can see what can be possible when your startup scales properly with an eye on data (and particularly, big data). More…

Mark van Rijmenam

Three Innovative Ways How Big Data Will Improve the Healthcare Industry

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the BigData-Startups.com and guest blogger for CODE_n

Mark van Rijmenam is founder of the BigData-Startups.com and guest blogger for CODE_n

The healthcare is rapidly becoming another digitized industry that will generate vast amounts of data that can be analysed. Taking into account that a fully sequenced human genome accounts for 100 gigabyte of raw data, it may be clear that the healthcare industry will generate vast amounts of data in the coming years. All that data can be analysed to create tailored medicines, improve treatments as well as reduce fraudulent behaviours. According to PWC, fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive behaviours account for an estimated one-third of the $2.2 trillion spent on healthcare in the US each year, so there is a lot to win with big data.

Personalized medicines and treatments          

Sequencing human genomes and DNA has become very cheap and fast today. In 2013 the sequencing of a human genome, including analysing and interpreting it cost only $ 5.000. More…

Janina Benz

Ralf Werneth (Blue Yonder): “with predictive analytics collected data becomes meaningful”

In today’s interview, we are talking to Ralf Werneth, Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder. The company was founded in 2008 and has become the leading software provider for predictive analytics in Europe.

Ralf Werneth - Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder

Ralf Werneth – Senior Sales Manager at Blue Yonder

Janina Benz: Could you briefly tell us what exactly “predictive analytics” means and about the software’s origins in the field of elementary particle physics? 

Ralf Werneth: Predictive analytics means generating substantiated prognoses on a range of issues, such as item turnover, customer behavior or risk management. For this, we have to use a company’s existing big data, or historical data. Depending on the topic at hand, these data can also be combined with external factors like the weather, for example. The “forecasts” are then generated in real time and can be implemented in any areas – all to the company’s advantage.

Our solution is based on knowledge from elementary particle physics, and our Blue Yonder development team is composed of physicists and computer scientists from renowned research institutes like CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Physics). In fact, CERN particle accelerators analyze petabyte range data in seconds using software from Blue Yonder. As a machine learning solution, the Blue Yonder Predictive Analytics Suite can determine complete probability distributions. As such, the prognosis quality is far superior to that of conventional methods. More…

Michael Hehn

CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4CeBIT 2012: CODE_n Diary Day 4

Who thought that after the award show the atmosphere would be less dynamic than on the days before was wrong. Punctual and in a good mood, though in some cases without having had enough sleep, the 50 finalists started their CeBIT day.

Later, the blogger tour organized by CeBIT and t3n visited hall 16. After some words of welcome by Andrea Wlcek the participants had the opportunity to visit some of the booths. We´re looking forward to read their posts!

Our last CODE_n party

And in the evening, it was party time again in the CODE_n Club – unfortunatelly for the last time. Accompanied by music and drinks, everybody was networking and – of course – celebrating. But also some melancholy was in the air, as the time to say good bye is getting closer.

What really made us happy yesterday: Amazing press coverage – for example by Germany´s national newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.
But the highlight came in the evening, when CODE_n made it to the main evening news on German TV.

Enjoy your remaining hours at CeBIT 2012!

*The FAZ is CODE_n media partner.Wer dachte, dass es am Tag nach der Awardnacht weniger dynamisch zugeht, hatte sich getäuscht: Pünktlich und gut gelaunt, wenn auch nicht in allen Fällen ausgeschlafen, gingen die 50 Finalisten wieder ans Werk. Und konnten sich über viele Besucher freuen.

Am Mittag enterte dann die Bloggertour von CeBIT und t3n die Halle 16. Nach einführenden Worten zum Projekt CODE_n durch Andrea Wlcek hatten die Teilnehmer dann die Möglichkeit, an einigen der Stände Gespräche zu führen. Wir sind schon gespannt auf die Beiträge.

Die letzte CODE_n-Party

Und am Abend hieß es dann zum letzten Mal: Party Time mit DJ im CODE_n Club. Bei Musik und Drinks wurden fleißig Kontakte geknüpft – und es wurde natürlich auch gefeiert. Aber ein wenig war auch Melancholie zu spüren, da der Abschied aus Hannover in greifbare Nähe gerückt ist.

Was uns gestern besonders gefreut hat: Tolle Berichte in der Presse – zum Beispiel in der FAZ* unter dem Titel “Die junge Garde der IT“.

Das Highlight war jedoch der Bericht des ZDF, der es sogar in die Hauptnachrichten um 19 schaffte. CODE_n ist ein riesiges Thema in den Medien.

Wir wünchen schöne restliche Stunden auf der CeBIT 2012!

*Die FAZ ist Medienpartner von CODE_n.